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wes walker

BOOKING: greg@nrtouring.com Entertainer ~ Artist ~ Producer ~ Vinyl Disc Jockey ~ Master of Ceremonies ~ Part-time Baller ~ Full-time Shot Caller ~ Rap | Electronic | Trap | Hip-Hop | Club | Party Music | House | Ambient | Low End Everything | Soul/R&B | Future & Also Humor & Comedy Daha Beep Beep
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Cheni tv Online

Cheni tv online is an entertainment and awareness raising channel, a platform with programming appropriate for all age groups. It features videos showcasing the most respected and entertained wedding ceremonies along with Tanzanian highly trusted, Master of ceremonies in action and employment plus entrepreneurship life skills programmes helping young people accomplish personal life goals and contribute into countries development through finding in themselves what they can do and how they can do it decently and successfully.
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Comic Pastor

Zimbabwean MC,Comedian, Presenter
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Nine Universe

Hi there! We are Nine Universe. We create anime and video game songs cover/cosplay! ✴︎Every Saturday 19:00 (JST) (Sometimes Wednesday) ✦DAIHEI : Founder of Nine Universe,Planning,Marketing,Total Produce,Sound Production,guitar,bass,piano,occasionally vocals.Video Production,Business tie-ups,All operations in Managing. ✦SARAH : Vocal,Cosplay,Hair Makeup,Costume Production,Video Editing,Narration,Master of Ceremonies,Illustration. We try to make videos that you would like to continue watching. Thank you for your continued support. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ✦DAIHEI : 創業者、企画立案、マーケティング、トータルプロデュース、サウンド制作、動画監修、企業案件、マネージメント ✦SARAH : ボーカル、コスプレ、ヘアメイク、衣装製作、動画編集(Pr/Ae/Ps/Ai)、MC、ナレーション、イラスト ✦フリーランスにつき、お仕事の依頼や音源使用につきましては【info@nine-universe.com】へご連絡ください。 ※著作権、及び著作隣接権を理解し、相互利益を提案頂ける方のみ返信いたします。 ※無断使用禁止(リクエスト・炎は使用不可)、無断使用を発見し次第、然るべき対処を行ないます。 <プレゼントやお手紙など> 〒153-0064 東京都目黒区下目黒1-8-1 アルコタワー7F Collab Japan株式会社 「Nine Universe」宛
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Tim Grable

The Grable Agency https://www.thegrablegroup.com/ maintains a single core focus: Relationships. Not only can we provide the ideal entertainer for a broad range of social functions, but we move beyond the realm of basic listing services into specialized booking. What this means is that we tailor clients to the specific needs of an audience, measuring it in detail for the perfect fit. We are a company that nurtures and develops careers, looking at clients as partners rather than dollar signs. We are selective with our friendships and limit our size and scope to remain focused on individual achievement and empowerment. The Grable Agency is a winning combination of professional corporate experience with a genuine small-town feel. Our specialties include Corporate Comedy, Corporate Entertainment, Clean Comedy, Clean Comedians, Sand Artist, Magic and other Unique Artists.
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Mc Leozinho SP

Canal Oficial do Leozinho SP INSCREVA-SE e fique por dentro de todos os lançamentos Medley , show's, musicas novas, games e etc.
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Deejay McKliver

Facebook. Blay Jer Discplay
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Canal oficial de Jonathan Álvarez A.K.A MC Stoner. Instagram: @mcstonerofficial Facebook: MC Stoner #FUCKZOTANORECORDS #ZOTANOLADRONES
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George Bannerman TheMc

George Bannerman popularly known as GB is an amazing Master of Ceremonies ,Entrepreneur and a philanthropist who is very ambitious,gregarious and also very affectionate about what he does.. George Bannerman with his unique style of entertaining his guest or audience is filled with a tremendous charisma and energy which he has managed to make his own enabling him to rise above the others which he calls the GBsteeze.
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Teju Babyface: King of Talk

Gbadewonuola Olateju Oyelakin (born January 20, 1979), known professionally as Teju Babyface, is a Nigerian political satirist, inspirational speaker, talk show host, Master of Ceremonies, television producer and comedian. He is widely known as the creator and host of The Teju Babyface Show, a talk show built in mold of American talk shows that showcases the best elements of the African society. He also goes by the moniker 'The King of Talk'. In 2010 Teju developed The Teju Babyface Show, which became an instant hit on television in Nigeria and beyond. He had always been of the opinion that stand-up comedy was a means to an end and after a decade as one of Nigeria’s headline stand-up comedy acts, he saw the show as the perfect way to impact and influence more people. The very first of its kind in Nigeria, the show brought an infusion of late night American television with hints of recent projects like the Ellen DeGeneres, Steve Harvey and Arsenio Hall Shows to African television.
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Joe Avati

Official Joe Avati Channel
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euge mc

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We love exploring the musical landscapes of Indigenous Australia. On here you will find a bunch of short videos focussed on the didgeridoo in various contexts. There is an emphasis on solo demonstrations of mostly virtuoso tunes with a smattering of more structured clan songs. Our aim is to showcase some of the didgeridoo talents, trends and techniques we have come across in the hope of generating a wider appreciation of this exciting musical art form, one that continues to shift, innovate and adapt to broader Australian and international social-musical movements. Around this core of videos are a medley of offerings ranging from footage of hunting expeditions and bush tucker, ceremonies, concerts, a little bit of comedy Top End style, a scattering of filmed workshops/masterclasses, and stories in Aboriginal languages. In combination, the videos on our channel offer a little glimpse of what life is like through the lens of a didgeridoo.
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Maximus Wel

The Puerto Rican urban singer, Welvin Gómez, better known as Maximus Wel, has worked tirelessly over the past 10 years to become one of urban music's most promising artists. Nicknamed El Bebote, this multifaceted talent recently signed with GoldStar Music & Management, an iconic company in the Latin urban industry, known for its prominent roster and global reach. His first single with GoldStar Music & Management, titled Humedad, is an electrifying fusion of dancehall and reggaetón. Maximus Wel notes that he has recorded an album's worth of new material, which will include solo tracks as well as collaborations with artists such as Casper Magico y Cauty. Born in Caguas and raised in San Lorenzo, Maximus Wel, has always felt at home on stage. Being in front of an audience is natural for him. He began pursuing his artistic ambitions while on acting classes. From there, he went on to be a master of ceremonies, before launching his musical career as an urban artist with a hard-edged style.
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Curta TAMBORZÃO no Facebook: www.facebook.com/otamborzao Contato|Publicidade: som@tamborzao.com Copyright © 2013 - 2015 TAMBORZÃO
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Professional Master of Ceremonies "MC" Weddings| Send-Off| Corporate Events Bookings: +255 716 700 658 WhatsApp: +255 716 700 658 Instagram: @McKatoKisha
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Alias Le Mouth Engineer or Mweeene Microphone,MC SirLaw is a professional master of ceremony in events like weddings/Pre-wedding, birthday parties, graduation ceremonies, Products/Album launches, corporate events, political events, Ngasya /Ruracio/Ntheo, Ndwae ngone mwaitu and such kind of events. You can book me by calling +254710238358 /+254750277280 or you can write an Email to me at lawrencemutiso26@gmail.com.
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Khak SaaR

My Channel is based on Sufism Main origin of Sufism Dhikir. Dhikr is the remembrance of Allah commanded in the Quran for all Muslims through a specific devotional act, such as the repetition of divine names, supplications and aphorisms from hadith literature and the Quran. More generally, dhikr takes a wide range and various layers of meaning. This includes dhikr as any activity in which the Muslim maintains awareness of Allah. To engage in dhikr is to practice consciousness of the Divine Presence and love, or "to seek a state of godwariness". The Quran refers to Muhammad as the very embodiment of dhikr of Allah. Some types of dhikr are prescribed for all Muslims and do not require Sufi initiation or the prescription of a Sufi master because they are deemed to be good for every seeker under every circumstance. The dhikr may slightly vary among each order. Some Sufi orders engage in ritualized dhikr ceremonies, or sema. Sema includes various forms of worship such as recitation.
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