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🔴 Karen State​ KAWTHOOLEI​ 👉 👈support,share 🙏😍 🙏 10000 subscribe 14/02/2021 50000 subscribe 11/09/2021
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I would like to share a songs to people who lived in all over the world that our "The Karen" songs and let the world know that we have our own Country,Languages and Music.Especially, The Karen traditional songs.Most of Traditional songs are from our Karen people who lived in Thailand and some are from Kaw Thoo Lei.Maybe you do not understand the language but you can feel about the music. Hope that you'll enjoy it!
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Wah Fish Paste

Welcome To Wah Fish Paste Channel! SHOWING THE WORLD HOW UNIQUE AND BEAUTIFUL MY PEOPLE ARE. Check me out on Social Media Instagram: Wah Fish Paste Facebook: Wah Fish Paste
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The Karen News

THE KAREN NEWS is reported and written by Karen journalists to provide information on issues that shape Karen communities in Burma and around the world. THE KAREN NEWS provides a window to Burma and the international community on what is happening in Karen state. Our journalists live and work in Karen communities, know the issues that affect Karen people and aim to bring those issues to the attention of people across Burma, in the diaspora, and to all readers interested in the struggles and triumphs of the Karen people. For commercial, please contact us through thekarennews@gmail.org
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Karen Army & Political

Welcome to Karen Army - Kaw Thoo Lei - This channel is mainly about Karen Army in Myanmar 🇲🇲❤️. Little is know about the early history of the Karen. There are various theories regarding their migration from Tibet. China and through South East Asian most likely in stages. The Karen are an ethnic group historically and currently differentiate from neighboring populations including the Burmese, Thai, Mon, Shan, Etc. Saw Ba U Gyi’s Four Principles ~Surrender is out of the question🔰 ~The recognition of the Karen State must be completed🔰 ~We shall retain our arms🔰 ~We shall decide our own political destiny🔰 Love❤️and Respect✊🏼one another🌟 Thank you and God bless🙏🏽
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Karen Army

Welcome to the Karen Army YouTube channel. The Karen Army's YouTube Channel is the official channel for video coverage of the Karen Army in Kaw thoo lei. This channel is mainly to introduce the videos of weapons and troops of the Karen military. The Karen National Liberation Army (KNLA) never rests! If there is a pause in the fighting then there is time for training! Always ready for a fight! The KNLA needs the support of the Karen people to prevail in the fight against the oppression of the burmese Tatmadaw. Support the channel: https://www.karenarmy.com/ (Merch available)
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တိတဲာ် သုးဒ့(2022)

(1) Kaw Thoo Lei (2) Kaw Thoo Lei (3)Kaw Thoo Lei
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Kaw Thoo Lei P

Music Videos will be my main focus to upload in the channel . Types of Music : any music Language of Music : Karen (Main Focus)
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Welcome to kawthoolei

Welcome to kaw thoo lei Chanel freedom fighters and self determination, an independent of kaw thoo lei . (ဃူဃူဆူပတၢ်မၤနၢၤအဖီ၃်တၢ၃်) ဆဲးလီၤ (welcome to kaw thoo lei channel). Like , share and subscribe this channel for your Karen people. တၢ် ဘျုး thanks all .
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Kaw Thoo Lei poe channel (👉❤☮️👈) unity & peace
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Kaw thoo lei

We all our the kaw thoo lei people
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karen people
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Kaw Thoo Lei Thablay

Surrender is out of question! We may not learn from everything we've seen but we should have learned something we've done!!!
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Welcome to Salween99 Kaw thoo lei news God blass ကီၢ်သူလ့ၤ❤️❤️❤️20 21 22
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