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Jesús Restrepo

Regalo dibujos en mi Instagram @jesusrestrepo ❤️❤️ no lo dudes te espero alli
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Jesus Film

Welcome to the official YouTube channel of Jesus Film Project, the ministry bringing the story of Jesus in 2,000+ languages. Since 1979, we’ve shared the life-changing message of Jesus through our flagship movie JESUS, based on the Gospel of Luke, & other films & resources. 8+ Billion people have watched our films. 600+ Million have made decisions to follow Christ. Our vision is to see everyone, everywhere have the opportunity to encounter Jesus. Our channel: -The full-length JESUS film & other films in various languages -Clips & scenes from our films that illustrate the teachings & miracles of Jesus -Testimonies & stories of how God is working through our ministry -Tips & tools for evangelism & discipleship using our films & resources Subscribe & join us in reaching the world with the Gospel. Download our free Jesus Film Project app to access our films & resources anytime, anywhere. #Jesus #storyofJesus #followGod #jesusfilmproject #movie #thejesusfilm
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Jesus Co.

JesusCo (a rebirthed collective of WorshipMob) is a collaboration of worshippers from many churches, denominations, and backgrounds, who worship Jesus together, consecrated & submitted to Him & to one another, to responsively & creatively share His love with the world. JesusCo unites the bride of Christ, as we freely share worship with all of God's beloved. We want to invite everyone to encounter God's love - to trust, surrender to, and adore - HIM.
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Jesus Culture

Jesus Culture is a community of believers living to see the world awakened to the love of God.
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Jesus Image

Jesus Image exists to love Jesus and to introduce Him to the world by the power of the Holy Spirit. We are called to minister to the heart of Jesus through a lifestyle of worship. His Presence is our deepest pursuit. Join us weekly for Jesus Image Church on Sunday at 10am and 6pm EST. Subscribe to our YouTube channel so you don’t miss new services, worship, and teaching from Jesus Image Church, Jesus School and Jesus Image Events.
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Jesus TV

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Jesus Garcia

Follow me and your life will become much better, I promise 😇 Jesus “MrChuy'' Garcia is an online sensation with more than 4 million followers across platforms. Jesus creates content under the name MrChuy (Chuy is a common nickname for Jesus), and he delivers goofy humor geared to fellow Latinos who will recognize and relate to the family characters and stereotypes he spoofs in his home videos. With a bath towel wrapped around his head, he often plays a typical Latina house mom. The budding comic, who speaks three languages fluently and has a degree in business from Sonoma State University, is ready to take his comedy to the next level. In 2022, he’s determined to “break the internet” and become one of social media’s most popular Latino comics while also branching out into voice-over work and TV roles. ►►►Follow MrChuy 🎩 💥Facebook: 💥Instagram: 💥SnapChat: @MrChuy 💥TikTok:
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Jesus Christ

The son of God is on YouTube! The only verified Lord & Savior on the Internet! Praise be! Get your own personalized video from Jesus direct to your phone: 🙏 Thou shalt have dope merch:
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Elaine de Jesus

Elaine de Jesus é uma cantora brasileira de música cristã. Iniciou sua carreira no começo da década de 90 com o lançamento do LP “Pentecoste Divino”. Em 1999, experimentou o reconhecimento em todo o Brasil graças ao sucesso de seu terceiro álbum intitulado “Muito Especial”. Premiada com um Troféu de Revelação e seu primeiro Disco de Platina, a cantora se consagrou como um dos maiores nomes da música pentecostal. Nos anos de 2002 e 2004 lançou os multiplatinados álbuns “Até O Fim” e “Pérola”, ambos aglomerados de canções de sucesso como “É Demais”, “Quem Chora Pra Deus” e “Terremoto Santo”. Juntos, mais de 1 milhão de cópias foram comercializadas em todo o país. Em 2023, a cantora lança o álbum "Jesus", com doze músicas, incluindo o primeiro single "Prepare O Culto". Produzida pelas mãos de Rafael e Junior Andrade, a obra apresenta composições de grandes nomes, como Elizeu Gomes, Rogério Junior, Cláudio Louvor e Leandro Borges, em seu repertório.
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Jesus Misericordioso

Bienvenidos a nuestro Canal Católico Jesús Misericordioso encontraras, Música Cristiana Católica, Predicaciones, Reflexiones, Oraciones y Vidas de Santos. Esperamos te sirva de mucha bendición. Recuerda que Jesús es Misericordioso y te Ama Muchísimo, On this Channel you will find Catholic Music, talks, meditations, prayers, lives of Saints, and everything that has to do with the Catholic Religion, we hope it's a blessing to you, Remember that Jesus is Merciful and He loves you So Much!!! Thank you for visiting us! JESUS TE AMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!JESUS LOVES YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!JESUS IS MERCIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!JESUS ES MISERICORDIOSO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Jesus Ortiz

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Soy Jesus Salazar

📩: negocios/publicidad:
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Jesus Adrian Romero

Canal oficial de Jesús Adrian Romero en YouTube
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  • 245 videos
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Jesus Fajardo Oficial

Bienvenidos aquí encontrarás Adoración Alabanza Y Predicaciones en Vivo
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Making Gospel Lyrics videos from songs i hear on the radio. Love doing it by the way. Also, Weekly bible verses, and Christmas lyric videos during the Holiday Season. Hope you all will enjoy my videos. My name is Eugene Montgomery and I made this YouTube channel. And I always wanted to make lyric videos so people can sing-along to their favorite gospel, Christian, and Christmas songs. Again, Enjoy and God Bless! :) NOTE: I DON'T OWN THE RIGHTS TO THE SONGS I USE! No Copyright Infringement Intended.
  • 432K subscribers,
  • 793 videos
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Gabriel De Jesus

Gabriel de Jesús vio nacer su pasión por la música a muy corta edad en su natal Puerto Rico. Fue formado en el seno de una familia cristiana y cuando canta, lo hace con el alma, poniendo de manifiesto un don especial que le permite envolver a todos en una agradable atmósfera de adoración y alabanzas al Creador. ​ Su responsabilidad y perseverancia le han permitido ganarse el respeto de sus líderes y compañeros de ministerio a pesar de su juventud y fresca presencia en escena. Sus primeros pasos en la música los dio de la mano de su bisabuela, en su natal Puerto Rico. Es ella quien lo introduce al canto y le transmite su amor por los himnos clásicos de todos los tiempos, cuando sólo contaba con 5 años de edad. Desde sus inicios, Gabriel recibió atención especial de quienes le escuchaban y era evidente que había un propósito muy marcado en su vida; servirle a Dios a través de la música y el cantó.
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Jesus Mendoza NET

La musica es mi pasion, gracias por ser parte de mi historia.
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OHIO CEO Hello there I’m gitz and I enjoy making funny content and playing Roblox Join our Discord or become a monthly member to be a closer part of the community! 🖤⬇️ Roblox username: Officialygitz Xbox username: Pubs solo
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Steven He

Chinese-Irish actor and Comedy Sketch Creator. Professional Failure The Creator of "Emotional Damage" CEO of Failure Managment. #Emotional Damage #I will send you to jesus
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