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Noriko and Yuko of Japanese Cooking 101 would like to show you how to make Japanese food at home. With easy-to-follow video recipes and ingredients you can find anywhere, Japanese food will not be the food you only eat at restaurants! For more information about the ingredients and recipes, please visit our website http://www.japanesecooking101.com. We have over 300 Japanese recipes and blogs posted on our website. For our personal vlogs, check out @OishiiTV: https://www.youtube.com/c/OishiiTV
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Learn Japanese From Zero!

FromZero.com (formerly YesJapan.com) is the internet's longest-running interactive Japanese education website! From Zero's lessons, videos, games, and community help students from around the world learn practical Japanese that you can use! Members can ask a teacher any question about any lesson! Don't learn Japanese alone. Try a free Japanese lesson today! https://www.FromZero.com
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Welcome to Weird Japan! Welcome to Japanese Stuff Channel(call me jsc)! This channel shows Japanese stuffs like vending machines, gacha(gashapon), Kitchen Gadgets, Convenience Foods(711 foods), Cup Noodles and so on. In short, I show Japanese kawaii,cute,cool and weird items. I will upload a video everyday(sometimes a few videos)! I basically don't show myself and don't speak in my videos, so my videos are like ASMR. please subscribe;) p.s. In Japan, separate collection has been developed and many plastic waste is recycled just in case. クールジャパンと言われるような日本のちょっと面白いものを世界に向けて発信しています。よかったら応援して下さいね^^
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Learn Japanese with JapanesePod101.com

Learn Japanese with JapanesePod101.com - The Fastest, Easiest and Most Fun Way to Learn Japanese. :) Start speaking Japanese in minutes with Audio and Video lessons. JapanesePod101.com is an online Japanese language learning website. With us you'll learn to speak, read, write and hear Japanese. You'll have fun learning with listeners around the world. Get ready to "wow" your friends, family, teacher and colleagues with the Japanese you learn with us! Visit JapanesePod101.com, and sign up for your FREE Life-time account. See higher quality videos and exclusive videos only on JapanesePod101.com. Go to JapanesePod101.com Want to stay informed? Just click "Subscribe" in the red box above and you will be told when a new video is put on this site.
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Cool Tool Japanese

現在バズってるいろんなガジェットをテスト! 楽しくてクレイジーなガジェットの実験室へようこそ! ネット上で流行りのガジェットをテストして、本当に便利なのかどうかチェックしてみたよ!🤓 このチャンネルは、いろんな冒険と、変わったガジェットと、思わず笑っちゃう気まずい瞬間でいっぱい!
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Japanese Breakfast

Japanese Breakfast, the indie-pop solo project of singer-songwriter Michelle Zauner, has mastered the craft of veiling melancholy in full, celebratory shimmer. Zauner’s debut record, 2016’s Psychopomp, confronts the death of her mother with equal parts breezy shoegaze and existential meditations. Tracks like “Everybody Wants to Love You”—a queer, confessional love tune—carry the same contagious energy as “In Heaven,” which chronicles the day-to-day of processing grief. Japanese Breakfast’s latest effort, Soft Sounds from Another Planet, leans into the experimental, using themes like outer space and artificial intelligence to dive deeper into the human psyche. Manager Ryan Matteson | Ryan@tenatoms.com Press eloyl@grandstandhq.com Booking: USA timmy@groundcontroltouring.com EUROPE/UK will@atc-live.com
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Ask Japanese

Street interviews of Japanese people on various subjects linked to Japan, Japanese culture, foreigners living in Japan, anime & Manga,and tourism. ▶SUBSCRIBE TO OUR CHANNEL FOR MORE VIDEOS!! https://www.youtube.com/c/AskJapanese?sub_confirmation=1 Contact to us!! https://wao.ne.jp/forms/agency-contact/form.php
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Crazy Japanese

Tanuki/CrazyJapanese 📍 TOKYO 🎥Twitch Partner 🇯🇵Professional Japanese teacher 🙆Speaks 🇯🇵🇮🇩🇺🇸🇨🇳🇰🇷 Tiktok(400k) Instagram (360k)
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Japanese Style

#파워볼 #파워볼실시간 #파워볼분석 #파워볼농부 #스피드키노 #실시간파워볼 #파워볼노하우 #eos파워볼
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BTS Japanese ver

BTS Japanese ver
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Welcome to JAPANESE COOKING CHANNEL!! 🍳👩🏻‍🍳 Hi Everyone! Thank you for visiting my channel! My name is Sayaka. I'm living in Tokyo, Japan. I studied in the U.S. (WA and HI) for 3 years, and now I am working in Japan. I am sharing EASY JAPANESE RECIPES! Hope you enjoy watching various Japanese dishes😆💖 Please feel free to give me a request of topic that you want to know about Japan and Japanese food. Thank you! -- For business inquiries, please use the contact form on our official website ( https://misosoup.site/ ) or the e-mail address we publish on YouTube.
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WaGoMu #JapaneseClass

Bantuin yang mau JAGO Bahasa Jepang TANPA KURSUS. Belajar OTODIDAK bareng di WaGoMu #JapaneseClass. ★Buruan SUBSCRIBE, mumpung GRATIS !! ★ Kontens yang Aku Upload di Channel ini ?! ・PANDUAN Belajar Bhs Jepang OTODIDAK ・TEROBOSAN Cara Efektif Belajar B.Jepang ・Belajar dari LAGU JEPANG ・Kumpulan KOSAKATA Jepang ・KISAH INSPIRATIF Praktisi Profesional ・Kontens KREATIF Team WaGoMu, etc Kata Siapa Belajar OTODIDAK Harus Sendirian, Kita Belajar Bareng yuk!
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123 GO! Japanese

DIY、ライフハック、チャレンジ、美容の裏技、そしてみんなが信じている伝説を暴いたり… SNSで話題のトレンドを私たちが試します! 楽しんだり新しいことを知ったり、自分をもっと素敵にするための新しい方法をいつも追求しています。 目標は世界征服です!^^ このチャンネルは、123 GO! の公式日本語版です。
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Just One Cookbook

Let's cook EASY + AUTHENTIC Japanese recipes at home! Konnichiwa! I'm Nami, the creator of the Just One Cookbook website and cooking blog. I am glad that you are here with me. Here and on JustOneCookbook.com, you can find over 1,200 recipes, cooking tips, step-by-step instructions, ingredients, and shopping guides focused on Japanese cuisine. I'm a native Japanese, born and raised in Yokohama, Japan, and now live in San Francisco, California, with my husband Mr. JOC, two high school kids, and a dog named Miso. I also wrote three Japanese cookbooks, where I share popular recipes like Oyakodon, Tamagoyaki, Chawanmushi, Sushi, Okonomiyaki, Mochi Ice Cream, Gyoza, Ramen, and more!
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Walter Sorrells

Walter Sorrells is a bladesmith specializing in blades inspired by the Japanese tradition. He also produces a series of instructional videos outlining the major crafts involved in forging Japanese swords.
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I will be the main character in this world!!! この世界の主人公に俺はなる!!!
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Connect with me! IG: @ShotasPOV Tikotk: @ShotasPOV For inquiries email or DM on Instagram.
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قال صل الله عليه وسلم: (لا يؤمن أحدكم حتى يحب لأخيه ما يحب لنفسه) ____________________________________________ كن أنت الشخص الذي حينما يراه الناس يقولون ما زالت الدنيا بخير.! وتساب فايبر 07506083323
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Learn about the history and folklore of Japan! Occasionally funny. MERCH: https://linfamy.creator-spring.com/ (shirts, phone cases, stickers, and more!) Send me hate mail and other stuff here: 1765 Landess Ave Suite 1081 Milpitas, CA 95035
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