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Proper Whiskey

Proper Twelve Irish Whiskey is founded by MMA & UFC Champion, Conor McGregor. Distilled, aged, & bottled in Ireland, Proper No. Twelve Irish Whiskey is smooth and balanced with a fine blend of golden grain and full flavored barley. It’s aged for four years in bourbon barrel and offers hints of vanilla, honey-like sweetness and toasted wood. A proper salute to all, Proper No. Twelve pays homage to our founder, Conor McGregor, and his neighbourhood of Crumlin, Dublin 12. It embodies the shared spirit of brotherhood, loyalty, and hard work.
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SevereMMA Videos - Demanding great ability, skill, or resilience - Requiring strict adherence to rigorous standards
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Coach Owen Roddy

Welcome to Coach Owen Roddy's YouTube Page. Gymshark Athlete Coach Owen Roddy is the striking coach to some of the most promising and world famous Irish MMA Stars, on this YouTube page you will find a huge number of excellent behind the scenes videos plus some brilliant MMA Coaching Instructionals. All Videos are owned by Owen Roddy and under no circumstances should they be downloaded/edited or used without prior written permission.
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Channel 4 Sport

Channel 4 Sport is home of Formula One, England Internationals, FIFA Club World Cup UEA 2021, PFL MMA, Formula E, Rugby Super League, W Series, British & Irish Lions, International Cricket, International Rugby Union, Heineken Champions Cup, Tokyo 2020 Paralympics, Beijing 2022 Winter Paralympics and a range of incredible sporting documentaries and digital originals. You can catch up on all the action throughout the year on All4: Subscribe to Channel 4 Sport: Like us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter:
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Youssef Hannoun

I edit sports-related content that interest me.
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The Official BAMMA You Tube channel.
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  • 583 videos
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MMAuz Ovozi🗣

Bu kanal MMA olamidagi voqealarni O’zbek tiliga og’irish uchun yaratildi. Kanalga obuna bo’ling
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TJ Huss

My channel, not yours. Football and Combat Sports. Would have also done Cricket but can't because you're too stupid to understand. Does it feel good? Does it feel good holding someone back?
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🎩💀MAFIA☠️TRUTH💀🎩 It is a show about the TRUTH behind all the stories from former members of Lacosanostra, and The Irish Mob. I will be interviewing some of the most established True Crime Authors, and Investigators. I will also be doing my own investigations. Like I did on John Alite. If you want the Mafia Channel that only reports the Truth and stays away from the Soap Opera drama like LC, then look no further.~ 📽️🎞️ Subscribe to 🎩💀MAFIA☠️TALK💀🎩 Please support the Channel by Donating. Every little bit helps us produce more content. click the link 👇$TheLoomisShow
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DSP Media Podcast Network

This is the official YouTube channel of DSP Media, LLC. Information and entertainment. That’s the simple premise DSP Media was founded on. Our expanding roster of team members and hosts deliver focused daily podcasts full of insight, news, and perspective on their favorite teams and sports that fans crave. Today, DSP Media also produces leading golf, fantasy football, pop culture, and entertainment shows with insiders that are the best in the business. Follow your favorite team and sport and be informed and be entertained. That’s DSP Media. #GrowtheShows (Donate Here!) ☕️ Buy me a Coffee - 💲 Paypal @indycartim 💲 CashApp $timmhamm 💲 Venmo - @Timmhamm ▼ Join the conversation! ▼ Subscribe And Like On All Social Media Accounts For business inquiries: (Business inquiries only. All others will be ignored.)
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The Shadow Boxer

Bareknuckle and Bare Knuckle street fighter. Undefeated fighter from Ireland. The Shadow Boxer has been fighting underground fights since 15 years of age and has amassed a record of over 100 wins and no defeats. Boxing, Muay Thai, kick boxing, street fighting and his specialty Bare Knuckle boxing. He Has come out of retirement to have one last go at winning a world title in any of the fighting arts. Follow his journey as he prepares for war in the fight world, maybe a bare knuckle street fight with the Youtube sensation Jake Paul, Logan Paul or the London Youtuber KSI. The Shadow Boxer is the worlds best kept secret in the fighting world. Subscribe today . The Shadow Boxer has past victories over The Notorious Connor Mcgregor As they Used to meet at the same watering holes growing up in the mean streets of Dublin Ireland. WE can see a fight between them down the line after Mcgregor Finishes up with the UFC. Mcgregor was always fond of a good old traditional bare knuckle boxing match
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Courtney Hendo

“As a one of Monster Energy’s most active and sought-after photographers, Courtney Henderson takes pride in finding and capturing the hidden beauty in ephemeral, yet exceptional human moments. From New York City to New Zealand, Courtney has traveled the world photographing breathtaking beaches, buildings, landscapes, sports and public figures. His portfolio consists of shots of some of the world’s most entertaining figures and brands including famed American professional boxer Floyd “Money” Mayweather Jr., Irish mixed martial artist Connor MacGregor, American powerlifter CT Fletcher, American rapper Lil Wayne and iconic international Reebok and Monster Energy brands. A graduate of the University of Georgia Terry College of Business, Courtney holds a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration and spends much of his time volunteering his expertise as a photographer with local City of San Diego community civic and nonprofit organizations.”
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Energized Show

The official UFC Fight Pass Irish MMA Show from Dublin, Ireland. Watch us as we use YouTube to document our work. We hope you enjoy, subscribe, come along for the journey and as always Stay Energized! Instagram: @Energized_Show Twitter: @Energized_Show Facebook: Energized Show Spotify/ iTunes /SoundCloud: Energized Show
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Cian Bushell

• My name is Cian || Irish || MMA and Pro-Wrestling fan|| • Making a collection of videos of things I do and events I've been too so hope everyone enjoys. • I hope YouTube sticks around so these can be here for the future.. Like a mini Legacy.. If you're a WWE fan then subscribe. • I attend a lot of events and always upload videos. • I've been to 8 WrestleMania's, Royal Rumble,SummerSlam, Survivor Series, WWE Money In The Bank, RAW;s, Smackdown's and many many house shows. •I've also met 200+ pro wrestlers and tweet pictures of them over on my twitter and instagram @Ciano316 I've been to 15 UFC events and met loads of fighters! So if you're reading all this hit the subscribe button. Thanks!
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Irish Technical Thinker

-IRISH- Relating to Ireland, its people, . -TECHNICAL- Relating to a particular subject, art, or craft, or techniques. -THINKER- Relating to those who think deeply. Fáilte Welcome! My name is Marcus and I am a student of Irish History and I have always loved the subject of History. Join me as I visit historical locations and discuss with me about the thing I'm most passionate about, history! Massive MMA/Boxing fan and Mixed Martial Arts. Hope my channel gives you faith and strength; to continue the Good fight. Matthew 23:12 'Whoever will exalt himself will be humbled and whoever will humble himself will be exalted.' See what you have to ask yourself is what kind of person are you? Are you the kind that sees signs, that sees miracles? Or do you believe that people just get lucky? Or, look at the question this way: Is it possible that there are no coincidences? “The happiness of your life depends upon the quality of your thinking." Marcus Aurelius. Dia dhaoibh
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Billy Murray

ProKick teach kickboxing, thaiboxing and Muay Thai for fitness and competition. Check out our kickboxing videos, DVDs, martial arts equipment and our regular events on
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If you're looking for song covers, UFC /MMA / YouTube Boxing fight breakdowns, game shows/reviews, vlogs, fun with friends, and general all around entertainment from an Irish YouTuber, look no further! Veylun's got you covered! Subscribe with NOTIFICATIONS ON to get latest and greatest from this channel as it's released! Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Soundcloud - @Veylun Facebook - VeylunVideos
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Kungfu Kilkenny

Welcome to the School of Chinese martial arts in Kilkenny, Ireland. I am 42 years old and have trained martial arts since I was 7 years old. I have travelled across Europe, China, USA to study and train with instructors whom I felt were the best in their chosen arts. I teach the traditional styles of Seven star praying mantis, wing chun, xingyi quan. I have had a fast experience with many system's throughout the years and so from time to time may share my thoughts and techniques from these systems that I have found benifical to my development. For the last number of years I have also trained catch as catch wrestling in the snake pit, Wigan, UK. Locally I am also a member of of one of Ireland's top MMA gyms with who I compete in no gi grappling. I am a full time strength & conditioning coach. level 1 Irish amateur wrestling association coach. Level 1 weightlifting Ireland coach. I am also a qualified TCM practitioner. Thank you for watching.
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The MMA Movement

The MMA Movement is an Irish-based MMA content creator group producing podcasts, video essays, and live chats. A Few Good Fights is an MMA podcast where hosts Rob and 'Young' Sean dig deep into the sport you know and love. Tune in to hear scorching-hot takes on the big MMA news stories; plenty of heated debates; exclusive interviews with the biggest names in MMA; fight analysis, predictions and betting tips; and an all-round good time.
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Bringing you Bareknuckle fights from some of Ireland's most well known traveller and gypsy families. While most of these fights are old, they feature some of the best BK boxers from Ireland and England. Fight are fought to settle family desputes, sometimes money is involved but not all the time. These are not 'street fights' but bareknuckle boxing as it has been done for hundreds of years. Also highlights from MMA orgs like the UFC, PRIDE FC, DREAM and others. Along with other martial arts like Muay Thai Kickboxing etc. Some other clips like fails and compilations may also be added.
  • 40K subscribers,
  • 244 videos
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