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BVI Channel 1

BVI Channel 1 is fully incorporated, operating as a registered professional media company (Bia Voice International Ltd) in Nigeria. We carryout business of information dispersal via Internet, satellite, Radio and Television services. We also engage in social media Marketing, advertisement, business promotion, image making, Individual, Community/Cooperate documentary and event coverage. BVI Channel 1 is working selflessly to give ordinary people a voice, we are non political and religious. Our contents are void of propaganda, we say it the way it is without any string attached to anyone or group of persons. The Opinion of our guest do not represent the opinion of BVI Channel 1 and as such we are not liable for any opinion of person or group of person as shown on our platform. Thank you for making this inquiry to know about us. If you wish to contact BVI Channel 1 for anything (Advert, Video coverage & Complains and Suggestions ) Please call +2348104545533 or +2348104207522.
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Ipob Rapture Media

We bring you the latest Biafra live news update piloted by Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. stay SUBSCRIBED and be well updated with every latest information about the restoration of the sovereign state of Biafra | Get In Contact Directly With The DOS : +61434294745 +12489494843
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Global News Updates

Global News Updates is a news channel established for the purpose of updating Nigerians and the world on the current happenings around the globe.
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Last Updated7 days ago

Critics News

Criticsnews is a Versatile satirist Hosted by Goodman The Ekwurekwu one of Africa and Diaspora. Bringing you All the News in an entertainment form.
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BEX Tv is a news platform purposely created to update Biafrans and Nigerians about what is going on around them, our purpose is to make sure that every individual knows about what is happening around him or her, we also share Biafran news from IPOB desk to update all IPOB members about what is happening in their movement to restore Biafra under the leadership of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu who has made Biafrans movement more relevant in this few years of his leadership, BEX Tv will always give authentic news from the areas of coverage, BEX Tv does not only report news, we also Analyse news for viewers to understand what is really happening around them, our interest is to make sure that every individual understands and know things happening around them.
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  • 926 videos
Last Updated4 days ago


Welcome to my channel Lady J Conner is an African/European channel. This channel tend to bring update on news on a regular basis. We upload videos often Please subscribe to this channel, share, like and comment on my videos.
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Oge Gist

Welcome to my channel my name is Oge. In my channel I share and talk about things happening in Nigeria. Please, subcribe and support me if you love what I do on this channel
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Global Happenings Today

We bring you full news on Nigerian politics and Nigeria's 2023 Election, Presidential Election, Peter Obi, Labour party, Atiku Abubakar, APC, PDP, Bola Ahmed Tinubu and Wike. We bring videos on latest happenings across Nigeria
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Last Updateda month ago


We are an online entertainment hub for exclusive world and Nigerian musics, reviews, videos, style, movie, tv , beauty and events.
  • 23K subscribers,
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Last Updated4 months ago


I am a wife and a mum..... my a motivational,blogging,video reaction,gist & Africa to the world News ..i promise to bring the world closer to you through my channel...i am that personality who will always give you the latest updates happening all over the globe a lovely soul that will always stand up for right.This channel is merely for Information & education .i am a positive to my generation .thanks for reading Please don't forget to like and share our videos
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Dr. Damages

Dr. Damages is a political satirist. He believes that we all do better if we master how to use our teeth to count our tongue. Once we can do that, holding people in authority accountable won't be a tough call anymore. His show, Dr. Damages Show has been on weekly since 2011.
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Enter Biafra Live Broadcast by Simon Ekpa

Creating awareness for Biafra freedom
  • 71K subscribers,
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Last Updated21 days ago

Njenje Media TV

Welcome to #NjenjeMedia News YouTube Channel. This is a Citizens’ News Reportage Channel where we report, analyse News & Events & other societal happenings. We investigate, expose unreported events in Nigeria/Africa and the Globe. Our motto is to “explore the truth behind the headlines” and offer insights not seen anywhere else within the mother continent of Africa, and her citizens in the diaspora. We started off by giving upcoming music artists the opportunity to show the work to the world and help them rise and achieve a higher purpose using YouTube. We travel extensively in the hinterlands of Nigeria and the African continent reporting on the tourism, culture, politics, social events, documentary and News updates. We also conduct talk shows & interviews using ZOOM, SKYPE, Stream yard, etc We do hope you enjoy our contents and subscribe to our channel. You can support us by encouraging others to do so.
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贾斯汀 Money Talk

贾斯汀 Money Talk 免责声明:本频道仅为信息分享。股市有风险。投资需谨慎。 Disclaimer:This channel is for informational purpose only. The content of the videos are not advice or recommendation. Your investment decisions are your responsibilities. I am not a licensed financial professional, do your own research before making any decision. ======================================= 联系商业合作: justindongqiang at gmail dot com
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Last Updated6 months ago


Manchester biafra tv is channel for facts,news,and also what is happening in and around biafra and the also contains historical facts and entertainment.
  • 31K subscribers,
  • 286 videos
Last Updated13 days ago

Objectv Media

News; Interviews; News Analyses; Politics in Nigeria & Africa; Entertainment; Youth Education; Empowerment and Training; Talent Promotion; Objective Criticisms... Be Objective #BeObjectv
  • 87K subscribers,
  • 1.6K videos
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Last Updated5 days ago


News, documentaries, stories of the Igbo People worldwide.
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Symfoni is projected to become Nigeria’s fastest-growing independent news media. Established in 2008, our goal is to bring you a clear view of Nigeria, Africa, and the world devoid of any government, political party, or individual influence. We aim to tell it the way it is, not how we want you to see; it. We strive to deliver an accurate picture that lets you form your opinion. The “Symfoni” in our name represents the rhythmic interplay of conventional journalism and New Media. We serve the story and get the audience to form their opinion without influencing their judgement. Ultimately, our vision is to change how news and information are served in today’s rapidly evolving environment.
  • 60K subscribers,
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Maiyegun's Diary Politico

The Temple Of Truth
  • 68K subscribers,
  • 2.1K videos
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