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World Animal Awareness Society

WA2S Main: AniFab is San Antonio's Animalis Fabula Film Festival: Facebook: WA2S Films is about the animals people save and the people saving them, and more. We chose film because we believe it’s the most powerful way to share these stories and ideas. We also love making movies, and love that the process – the people we meet, the research we do, the conversations we have, the stories we get to share – brings us so much hope to offset the grief we feel about what’s happening in our world. Through movies, we can share that hope, with the aim of inspiring change in people’s lives and creating a better world. #WA2SFilms To donate:
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subscribe : hunting channel ................................................ This channel is dedicated to hunting wild animals such as wolf, deer, zebra...
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Best Husky Puppy Channel on Youtube! Over 10+ Millions Views! Featuring husky highlights, DIY, Pet ASMR, Dog Product Reviews and more. Our husky pack loves to skateboard, hike, camp, and most of all EAT! EMAIL FOR BUSINESS CONTACT
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We are Howlofpet youtube channe. We will share rescue stories about rescue dogs, cats and wildlife animal who are in life-threatening danger. Our efforts goals to promote compassion and kindness to poor animals! Contact Email: Thank you for your alway support!
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Growing up Husky

This channel is about our fur kids and the love we have for them and their daily lives. I will post different videos of them, the treats I make them, places we go, people they meet, grooming and other things that comes along. We hope that sharing these videos will help make you smile and also have some helpful tips you can use. We have 5 huskies, Ziva, Tony, Chesty Puller, Zaria and Drogo. 3 chihuahuas, Ms. Suzie Q, Davie Jones & Sandra D & 3 cats, Abbie, McGee & Duckie. We ask that when leaving comments, that you make them family friendly. Any hate or profanity will be deleted and you will be blocked. Let's keep this page fun for everyone. Please follow the fur kids on Facebook and Instagram also. Facebook: Instagram: Amazon recommendations I've gotten for my dogs and or foster dogs.
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Dean the Basset

born february 2014, living in toronto, canada. follow the floppy adventures of dean!
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The Sweet Spot with Kirk Blouin

The Sweet Spot, is about a love of food, home and sharing experiences with others. I will take you on a journey of delicious cakes, pies, breads and N'awlins cuisine. I will share home decor and entertaining tips to compliment any budget or lifestyle. For all my pet lovers, look out for tasty dog recipes your pups will howl over! Each month I will challenge myself with a new recipe. I will showcase my process and results. you will see what happens when I try a recipe for the 1st time, weather good, bad or ugly.
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Wolf Daddy Leyton Jay Cougar

I rescue captive-bred wolves and other exotic canines from the exotic pet trade. Then I provide those rescues with a lifetime sanctuary and work to educate the public of the plight of these victims of the pet trade. Star of the new TV series Wolf Daddy's Pack Life...
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TV Tube

I5TxxV Welcome to the official YouTube Channel "Tv Tube" We're posting new videos every day so be sure to check back to find out new facts that'll make you smarter and more well informed. " Animals - Rescue animals - Facts - Secret - Funny - Weird - Top 10 " please subscribe us Enjoy guys :)
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