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HooplaKidz TV - Funny Cartoons For Kids

Welcome to HooplaKidz TV - Funny Cartoons for Children! As the name suggests, we have a wide variety of funny and entertaining cartoon for not only children but for everyone who would enjoy a little laugh! So come along and have a Hoopla Fun with HooplaKidz TV! Much Love, HooplaKidz TV
  • 3.8M subscribers,
  • 1K videos
Last Updated7 days ago

Gazoon - The Official Channel

Hello Everyone! Welcome to our Official Channel! Gazoon is a cartoon show based in a Jungle. The show depicts the daily life and all the super crazy yet super fun antics of these Animals. The Animals include an elephant, a serpent, zebra, giraffes and a bird! Have fun while watching all these lovely animals! Much Love, Gazoon.
  • 152K subscribers,
  • 304 videos
Last Updated2 days ago

Art with Mati & Dada

Welcome to the wonderful world of Mati and Dada, where learning meets creativity and imagination. Seven year old Mati, a cheerful young girl with a zesty passion for art,is magically transported into the lives of great artists by her eccentric sidekick, Dada. Together these two friends go on exciting adventures, solving little mysteries and getting caught up in bumbling confusions, en route to learning about art from the masters. Created by: Giovanna Bo and Augusta Eniti co-produced by Achtoons and Rai Fiction Follow us on Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Also visit our website: company website: Subscribe to Art With Mati & Dada's here:
  • 57K subscribers,
  • 30 videos
Last Updated6 years ago

Nellie And Ned - Nursery Rhymes

Nellie loves to sing and Ned loves to ask Questions! The fun Music and like every child's curiosity takes Nellie and Ned through a wonderful world of Nursery Rhymes! A wholesome lovely experience for every kid to learn while he has fun! Watch Nellie and Ned teach you Phonics, Days of the Week, Colours, Seasons, Shapes, Numbers and much much more! Enjoy! :) Follow Nellie on Twitter too! @nelliemcquinn
  • 94K subscribers,
  • 97 videos
Last Updated6 years ago