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Golden State Times

#1 Source in Breaking News, Live Streams, Politics and Truth Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE!!!!
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Blazing Press

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Rocha Entertainment

Welcome to my channel! On Here I stream MLB, NFL, NHL, AND NBA! I do my own Play By Play and Reactions to each sport. This means the game will and can't be shown! I also do Fantasy sports and hangout streams as well! Its a great and chill times on the streams! SO come on in and hang out! We do a lot of Warriors and 49ers content as well BUT this channel is for all fans of the 4 major sports! For Business Inquiries: rochaaaa1996@gmail.com
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Welcome to our Travel Family vlog!!!! We are an adventurous family of 4 from the beautiful Grand Canyon State of Arizona who have been given the golden ticket of opportunity to travel. Our two children (13 &11) are in online school due to the pandemic, so they can learn anywhere there is a wifi connection. So, we decided to leave Arizona behind and travel the world with this rare opportunity. Following us on this adventure, please subscribe. We would love to share our story during these unprecedented times! As a retired F-16 FIGHTER PILOT and PILOT for a MAJOR U.S. AIRLINE Matt's well versed in travel and will try to answer as many questions as possible! ►YOUTUBE PAGE: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBefca5ReVWGvonJwGuHeigLAST ►DON’T CLICK THIS LINK: https://bit.ly/39BBFMr #EscapingTheBubble #TravelFamily #TravelFamilyYouTuber #FamilyTravel #TravelFamilyVlog #Travel #Family #FamilyTravelYouTuber #AirlinePilot
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Alex Romo Golf

Alex Romo is a professional golfer from Southern California. He has played on the Dakota’s Tour, Golden State Tour, Pepsi Tour, and has won 3 times professionally since 2016. He believes in a holistic approach to improving at golf that extends beyond swing and putting stroke mechanics: incorporating elements from personal growth, mindfulness, fitness and nutrition, and tying a deeper why/purpose to your pursuit of golf, all into a well-balanced system for realizing your potential as a human first, and golfer second. His mission is to connect with and help as many people as possible by telling his story and documenting his ongoing journey to the PGA Tour, allowing others to learn from his experiences and building a community of like minded individuals all pushing each other to be better. He aims to spread positivity and empower others to find and do what makes them feel happy and fulfilled, regardless of what anyone else thinks or says. Thank you for following. Enjoy the journey.
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Golden Age Karate

Welcome to Golden Age Karate. Follow me on IG @GOLDENAGEKARATE This Channel is safe for Children and Seniors I am 15 year old Blackbelt Jeffrey Wall and I started this Channel because last year I started a non profit organization to visit nursing homes and teach karate to seniors, but with my states Social Distancing order the nursing home stopped all visitors. I wanted to give my students a place to still watch my instruction until we meet again. I would also like to welcome the young children that have found me because they are home from school and need an exercise break. I hope that my Channel brings you joy and motivates you to keep moving even during times of social distancing. * This Channel is marked Safe for Kids so comments have been disabled by YouTube please feel free to email me if you like.*
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I am a huge Golden State Warriors and San Francisco Giants fan. I have been a Giants fan since 2001...and as anti-bandwagon as they come. I trade, buy, and sell baseball/basketball cards. I am a very fair trader; I do not scam (but have been scammed a couple times). Message me if you have any questions. Photobucket: http://s582.photobucket.com/user/omymar13/library/ I am an avid collector of Kurt Suzuki. I'm looking for ANYTHING that I do not already have. Please see my collection below. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1FInCyx0OoJxe6RYjjnd87-_x5pZj5x5z1TwWnpnSq7U/edit?usp=sharing Kurt Suzuki Omar Vizquel SF Giants Golden State Warriors Asian Players Stanford University Alumni Santa Clara University Alumni If you trade or buy something from me, your cards will ALWAYS come in a bubble mailer, toploaders/other REAL card protectors, and DELIVERY CONFIRMATION/TRACKING. RIP Nick Adenhart
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honeymaker subs

✨☺️👋 What’s up y’all! Brand new sub maker here joining the community after stumbling upon this golden discovery (subs) a recent while ago. Fell in love ever since. My passion has always been healing and now I’m able to apply my knowledge of energy healing, psychology, music/video production, and spiritual tools to truly create sacred subliminal affirmations filled with positivity, love, light and safety. All affirmations are safe and secure for use, please remember to stay hydrated when using subliminals at all times. Especially FORCED subs. It may not feel like there’s much happening but be aware that your body and energy are undergoing active biological changes and processes unbeknownst to you. Remember to keep an open mind, keep it so open that you’re clueless if you have to be because sometimes just being in a state of completely zoning out is what it takes to truly let the affirmations sink in. I am allergic to negative affirmations so you won’t find them in any of my subs. 🙏❤️✨
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Cristina Branco

“Eva” is the title of Cristina Branco’s most recent album. The work clearly states that Cristina Branco is definitely one of the most important personalities of Portuguese music of recent times. Throughout her career she has been awarded for “Menina” (Best Album of 2017 by the Portuguese Authors Society) and nominated for the Golden Globe for Best Individual Interpreter. Shows across Europe are multiplying and indicate that the name «fado-jazz» is making more and more sense.  Cristina Banco made her debut as a writer, in a very personal sharing she called “RoadCook”. A healthy eating book for days on the road, discovering the alkaline diet. The construction of the narrative of Cristina Branco’s unique route continues to be recognized across borders. Management - pedro.trigueiro@arruada.com Booking - ines.lopes@arruada.com www.arruada.com
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