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The Poor Mans Podcast Reacts

I am a ex professional rugby player and mens advocate.
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Times and Democrat

News, sports, entertainment, and Carolina lifestyle video reports from The Times and Democrat and For more of our coverage check out:
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Last Updated3 days ago

James Klug

Honest conservative political commentary and entertainment.
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  • 300 videos
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Belleville News-Democrat

This is the official channel of the Belleville News-Democrat daily newspaper and the news site. We cover local news, sports, features and weather in southwestern Illinois and the greater St. Louis area. Download our mobile apps here: Tablet user? Your apps are here:
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Last Updated3 months ago

The Comments Section with Brett Cooper

Welcome to The Comments Section with Brett Cooper – an irreverent viral content and news review show offering an against-the-grain, laid-back perspective on today’s culture. Be sure to subscribe to this YouTube channel and ring the notification bell so you never miss out on future uploads!
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Tulsi Gabbard

Honest. Independent. Unafraid. Always with aloha.
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Last Updated5 days ago

Tallahassee Democrat and the Tallahassee Democrat are the daily newspaper in Florida's capital city. Part of the USA TODAY Network.
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  • 433 videos
Last Updated11 days ago

Agenda-Free TV

The best LIVE BREAKING NEWS COVERAGE anywhere...without an agenda! It seems like everyone in the media has an agenda these days. And frankly, we’re a little sick of it. Why can’t there be a place where people discuss current events, politics, breaking news, entertainment, sports, and whatever else is going on in the world in an intelligent, thoughtful, FUN way, without pushing a certain agenda? That’s why we created AGENDA-FREE TV. Finally, there’s a news channel for the rest of us. We don’t lean Republican, or Democrat. We don’t promote the Right, or the Left. We are truly agenda-free. We look at things with an open mind and value intelligent, thoughtful and rational discussion above all. Sick of screaming talking heads with oversimplified hot takes that push one narrative or the other? Then try something truly new: AGENDA-FREE TV!
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  • 2.3K videos
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The Majority Report w/ Sam Seder

The Majority Report is a daily political talk show at, live at 12PM ET. Call the show after 12:30PM ET at 646-257-3920. Available on iTunes or the site as a podcast.
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Jesse Dollemore

Interested in moving the conversation forward? Tired of the ridiculous and radical sides of issues? So is Jesse Dollemore. Join him as he discusses today's hottest political and cultural topics. For more from Jesse, his podcast (I Doubt It podcast) information can be found below: Subscribe on iTunes - Sound off with a voicemail at (714) 576-4054. Podcast Facebook page - Podcast Twitter- Jesse - Brittany - Patreon – Jesse Dollemore 3321 Georgia Ave NW Unit 43231 Washington, DC 20010
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Last Updated18 days ago

Lets be Frank

Livestream on Saturday's 7pm est. Daily videos as well. Covering the news of the day, while giving my opinion. We also will view the hypocrisy in the big media networks! You can always reach me through all the links on the channel. This has always been a passion of mine, being able to cover current events. Thank you for visiting my channel and watching my videos! All I ask is for you guys to like, share, and subscribe!
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Washington Post

Live events, breaking news, analysis and more from The Washington Post. Comments and community are moderated according to these rules:
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Last Updateda month ago


For Media/Business Inquiries ONLY (all else will not be read): Management:
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  • 85 videos
Last Updated6 months ago

Farron Balanced

Farron Cousins has been working in progressive media since 2004 as a producer, researcher, fact-checker, writer, and commentator. His work has appeared in numerous liberal and progressive publications, including Truthout, The Progressive Magazine, Huffington Post, Raw Story, and many others. He brings his wit and wisdom about the news of the day and offers his unique take on what's happening in the world of politics.
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Last Updateda year ago

The Babylon Bee

The official YouTube channel of The Babylon Bee, your trusted source for Christian news satire.
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  • 904 videos
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Hello!! I'm Pat, welcome to my channel!!😁. In my videos, I will give you my humble Conservative/Christian view on general topics ( Politics, Entertainment, News...) happening in this beautiful country, the USA (in general), and the world (in particular). I post at least 2 videos a day. My voice and beliefs as a black conservative are mostly considered taboo; but thanks to this platform, I am able to share my beliefs with an open and receptive audience. I hope these videos help keep you informed, and every once and a while... laughing. RIP KOBE/24 Love y'all.. Subscribe to My Secondary channel :
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  • 663 videos
Last Updated3 days ago

The Next News Network

Award winning media channel for breaking and headline news with original commentary about Washington DC politics, government corruption, and global affairs. If it affects your freedoms you can bet it will be on The Next News Network hosted by Gary S Franchi Jr., Elijah Schaffer, Ivory Hecker, and Rich Crankshaw presenting real news from all over the world.
  • 2.2M subscribers,
  • 15K videos
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Last Updateda year ago

Daily Caller is a news website that cuts through the liberal bias of the mainstream media and brings you the unadulterated truth. If you want to hear the scoop that they're afraid to utter on the over censored, corporatized cable news, tune into
  • 260K subscribers,
  • 3.7K videos
Last Updated2 months ago

Salty Cracker

Let's watch the crazy go down. Salty's YouTube Livesteams: Sunday, Wednesday, and Friday 4:30pm Pacific Time
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  • 764 videos
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Last Updated3 days ago

The Warning with Steve Schmidt

There is a very significant, “exhausted majority” of Americans looking to move past this rotten moment in American life. They have lost trust and faith in government, business, media and not-for-profit institutions at a moment of technological, cultural and economic upheaval. Fascism did not rise in the 1930s because it was strong, but rather, because democracy was weak. The cycle is repeating itself with a new extremism rising in 2020s America. This newsletter will help readers orient to the currents that are shaping our times and the unseen forces driving politics that are rarely discussed on cable news. 
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  • 79 videos
Last Updated4 days ago