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Salut ! Bienvenue sur Cath&Jay! Vous y trouverez des vlogs ou encore du contenu supplémentaire et bonus que vous ne trouverez pas sur nos chaînes principales ! Nous sommes un couple depuis plus de 5 ans qui prend plaisir à partager en ligne les moments marquants de nos vies, ou simplement notre quotidien avec notre gros chat, Fudge. N'oubliez pas de vous abonner plus encore plus! Au plaisir :) Nos réseaux sociaux : La chaîne de Catherine: La chaîne de Jay : Twitter: Instagram : Facebook:
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Yogi Cath

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Cath Rivera Vlogs

Hi guys welcome sa DhangBu TV ! Please like, share and subscribe for more videos. Thank you so much for watching ... God Bless us... PROMOTIONS/COLLABORATIONS:
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The Square to Spare

Hi there and welcome to my channel! My name is Cath and I create easy miniature tutorials for you guys! Take a look around and if you like what you see, please subscribe for more. If you want to shop for the same supplies I use, visit my storefront at * I do not currently sell anything or take commissions. If that changes in the future, I'll let you know :) * Please do NOT contact me if you represent a network. I'm not interested in network contracts. Thank you!
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A Dose of Cath

"She's not looking for a knight; she's looking for a sword." -- Atticus Indeed, I am.
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Cath Gacha

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Hi! We're a group of misfits that suck at games and often end up in chaotic and rage induced situations. Can't get enough of WorstPremadeEver? Second channel ➡ Live Stream Archive ➡ WPE Podcast ➡ Jake's Channel ➡ Alex's Channel ➡ Social Media Shenanigans: Discord ➡ Instagram ➡ WorstPremadeEver Facebook ➡ Twitter ➡
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Leonid Vorobyev

Leonid & Friends
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JNT Productions

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Puberty Talk

If you're a tween or early teen who wants to learn all about growing up (AKA puberty) then this is the place to be! You'll find everything you ever wanted to know about puberty & your body. This is a Q&A channel which means you can send in questions and I'll answer them for you. But do mak sure you have a look at the playlists first, as your Q may already have been answered. Here's the link for sending in your question - Oh, and who am I? I'm a mum with a 14 year old girl and a 10 year old boy. And yes, my kids find what I do totally embarrassing! 😂😉😕😥😮😲🤔😐😳 I'm also a nurse and an educator who teaches parents how to talk to their kids about puberty & sex. You can learn more about me here - So I'll be talking about puberty and growing up in the same way that I talk with my own kids! And you can find the channel disclaimer here - Cheers cath hak 👍👍
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CathBastien Fr

Mon nom est Cath et j'ai 26 ans. J'aime la vie et je vous partage mes petits moments en vidéos. Je vais surtout parler fitness, santé et beauté. Instagram: @cathbastien et @cathbastienfr Facebook: Cath Bastien @cathbfitnesspage J'ai aussi une chaîne anglophone: Pour les demandes de collaborations: PO BOX: 18005 F500 Rue Lapointe,Mirabel, J7J 0G2, Quebec, Canada
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Hey, everyone! Cath here and this is a multifandom channel. Bookworm | Coffee lover | Weeb | Awkward Potato
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Cath Rivera TV

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Kath And Jay Nation

Sakap fet Kath and jay Nation bienveni ankò sou channel nou an 😘🙌🏾 Guys koman nou ye siw fek rive sou channel la pa bliye abonne, nan channel la nap jwenn Prank Vlog Funny Challenge Funny Reaction etc Follow nou on IG - Flyyguy_509 -Official_KathandJay - Kittykattl
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More Than Fishing

“My mission is to create a friendly fishing community who love to share knowledge and wisdom not only in fishing, but in life overall.” “I believe that the more we commit ourselves in educating others how to fish, the more that we can influence them about responsible fishing.” -Jun Quitain, Founder “IT’S NOT JUST FISHING, IT’S MORE THAN FISHING”
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J'te promets, tu va être diverti. J'vous aimes. -Jay
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Hey everyone! Thanks for checking out the channel! In game I'm Ogh or Arlaeus. Here's some links for more of my content! Twitch - Twitter - Discord - I'm an old school wow player who jumped into classic wow when it came out and am now hooked! I've played wow since vanilla off and on, and have been fortunate enough to pvp and raid at the highest level both parsing in the top 10 multiple times and being a multi-glad/rank 1. Now I spend my time leveling up people insanely fast in wow classic on my stream, pvping, raiding, and trying to solo things that I just shouldn't be able to solo! My videos will be focused around wow classic on my 60 mage and hopefully help you all to learn some tips and tricks to maximize your solo speed and have fun :). If you're interested in seeing some new cool ways to farm gold, level insanely fast, or just have some fun please subscribe and check out my discord and stream!
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Bicester Village

Welcome to the Official YouTube channel for Bicester Village. This luxury shopping destination in Oxfordshire is home to more than 160 boutiques of world-famous designer brands, located from just 46 minutes by train from Marylebone in London, offering exceptional value with savings of up to 60% on the recommended retail price. Together with a selection of restaurants and cafés, the Village offers luxury services that include Valet Parking, Hands-free Shopping, the award-winning Bicester Visitor Centre, and onsite tax refund and money change service. Download & enjoy the new Bicester Village app for iOS devices and Android™ that allows you to navigate through the Village, enjoy exclusive Q&A’s, style tips and enjoy the latest Privilege treats. Download here : Visit our website to find out more #BicesterVillage
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일본의 도둑 고양이

일본의 도둑 고양이를 촬영하고 있습니다 Please subscribe to my channel. → Amazon Wish List twitter→ instagram→
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