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Barefoot Blacksmith

You cannot use up creativity, the more you use it, the more you have.
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Omz109 BlacKsmith

Selamat datang di channel omz blacksmith channel tentang pembuatan golok, seni ukir golok, pandai besi TERIMAKASIH 🙏
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Black Bear Forge

Sharing my passion for the art of Blacksmithing. Mailing address: Black Bear Forge PO. Box 4 Beulah, CO 81023
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Blacksmith Collective

BLACKSMITH//COLLECTIVE We are a collective of the world's top creators, offering content creation, distribution, insights & creative services to brands worldwide. BLACKSMITH//CREATIVE A decentralised global production house with access to over 500 creatives. We offer end-to-end content services to some of the most iconic brands from around the world. Create with us. BLACKSMITH//CULTURE An insights-driven platform that aims to elevate creativity & create impactful opportunities for brands and creatives. Publishing & distribution of editorial & content via our global media platform. BLACKSMITH//GALLERY An exclusive member's only creative marketplace.
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offical Blacksmith

Hey friends Here you got new videos everyday of iron and blacksmith Likeshare and subscribe channel
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Amazing KK Daily

Hello everyone! This is a YouTube channel about blacksmithS who specialize in making essential materials for the villagers as well as the people in the country. They can make many kinds of things using only a few modern tools and traditional techniques. They can produce agricultural materials, fishing materials, construction materials, gardening materials and many other materials that are useful to the people. They also share the techniques of making those materials in those videos. FACEBOOK PAGE: AMAZING KK DAILY If you like their work, please watch and subscribe ! Thank you for your support. Love from Amazing KK Daily
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Tom Fell - Blacksmith

Welcome to the official Tom Fell - Blacksmith channel! I've been a professional blacksmith since 2009 designing and making a range of products for homes around the world. This channel is a window into my workshop. You will see a variety of videos ranging from informative tutorials to my products being made, as well as unique one off projects. I am very much starting out my YouTube journey and will be adding a new video every week, along with plenty of exciting shorts more regularly to whet your appetite. All my products are for sale through my website, it is my full time job and how I make my family's living, so everything you see in the videos are available for you to buy (with free UK shipping!)
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단조는 어렵습니다. 그리고 힘듭니다. 나이프를 만드는 채널입니다.
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No Panic Button Calm Down

Former Navy IDC, broken down old vet, that loves to pound metal, play with fire, and make funny videos. Here you get to see some of his material and his craft. An old broken vet with a farm that likes to make knives. P.O. box 254 Cornell, Wi. 54732
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ZNA Productions

"Shaping ourselves today, for a happier apocalypse tomorrow." In Jesus' name, amen 😤🙏 Meme heavy and wholly wholesome DIY and building content, with a little bit o' other stuff mixed in sometimes.
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Essential Craftsman

Informational videos related to blacksmithing, general construction, safety & productivity, and various other trades. The videos feature Scott Wadsworth, and cover a wide array of topics, tools, history, opinions, and lessons. The purpose of the channel is to showcase the knowledge that is gained through experience, and encourage respect for the craftsmen, their tools, and history.
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Hello everyone! This is my channel. I created this channel to showcase the work of one skillful blacksmiths in my village. He only uses a few tools to make many kinds of useful products. He can make many kinds of useful tools such as knives and axes and agricultural equipment such as hoes, rakes, harrows and shoves. He is absolutely amazing and very skillful. If you want to watch videos about his masterpieces, please subscribe. Thank you!
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Blacksmith Girl

Hello guys, i come from vietnam, i'm a blacksmith, I specialize in recycling used iron Hope you guys watch the video and support me thank you
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public blacksmith

Welcome to "black smith" Subscribe for more interesting videos
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Blacksmith SPR

Dear All my beloved supporters, I would like to introduce this channel to you. It is about the useful things which made from skillful blacksmiths in my hometown at the countryside. He always make many useful things from useless steel or restoration into important things which are very necessary for our daily lives. They are going to turn them into hammers, axes, knives, sickles, chisels and other useful material for us as well. One more way, I just want to show everyone that they can make more things by using his own skills and old tools in his workplace. They also do not have modern machines or power hammers but he can finish his work very well. I do hope that you all will support this because all things here are in the original and not copy videos from other channels. Please kindly support or and help to subscribe, so that I will have commitment and motivation to produce more videos about this for all you. Thanks for your support, Full of love from Blacksmith SPR,
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Expose Technology Skills

In this channel I Wanna Show You The Amazing Skills Of Talented Peoples I Show You Hand Made Videos, How To Make Videos ,DIY Videos, Wow Skills Videos, Clay Work Videos . Metal Work Videos . Plastic Work Videos . Craft Work Videos, Blacksmith Work Videos, Iron Casting Wol Videos, How Do They Do It Videos In Short Hand Made , DIY, Amazing Skills, Clay , Metal, Plastic, Craftsmansh Blacksmith , Iron Casting Such Type Of Projects Are Uploaded On Youtube By Myself To Show you how these mitermaster...Thanks
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Christ Centered Ironworks

I’ve been a blacksmith since 2008. I’ve been running my own company Christ Centered Ironworks since 2012. I’m an artist blacksmith that forges and sells a wide variety of items for the home. I run several online stores on Etsy and my own website. I am a 2017 recipient of the Ohio Heritage Fellowship Award. If you enjoy my videos and you’d like to support what I do, swing by my website to get some blanks and kits; alternatively, visit and purchase one of my PDF downloads. I’ve got my power hammer plans for sale there, along with pdfs for several other blacksmith tools. Thank you for taking the time to learn more about me. I’d love to hear more from you- just drop me a comment in one of my videos!
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Knives Project Shorts

I forged my first sword as a child, it was high in the mountains of Azerbaijan. I am a blacksmith from the Wild Mountains of Azerbaijan. I love to forge knives, forge daggers and swords. I love melting metal and making edged weapons out of it. Subscribe to my page and get likes.
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The Path Of Fire Just a girl who loves hammering steel if you have cool stuff to send me (pretty wood, awesome materials, t shirts (size xl) ) address: path of fire po box 2191 bloomington indiana 47402
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Yellow Goose Forge

Creativity is contagious, pass it on 🤙🏼 I started the Blacksmith trade in 2013, while I was close to retiring from my last career. I began by forging traditional blacksmith items (hooks, lanterns, hinges, fire pokers etc.) then when I finally retired in 2020, I was able to focus on developing my skills. I got on social media and posted my work there in tutorial and entertainment videos. I grew on TikTok to 4.7 million followers and they’re the ones that got me to expand my abilities by forging and fabricating weapons from pop culture video games, movies, anime and tv shows! It’s been a blast so far and I look forward to replicating your requests, so keep the great ideas coming!
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