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I'm an acquired taste, like Vegemite. Business email contact - Support The Channel On Patreon - Beatemups MERCH -
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Nontendo Podcast

Nontendo Podcast is a weekly Nintendo podcast, hosted by Wood from Beatemups. With weekly BONUS episodes on Patreon.
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Wood Hawker

Whatever probably.
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Kimberly Toon

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Flophouse Plays

I am the skeleton man and I play games.
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Level 857

Welcome to Level 857! A gaming podcast crew of five positive, level-headed, lively, and hilarious longtime friends who enjoy talking games almost as much as we love playing'em! When we're not playing games, we hope you'll join us for drinks as we talk gaming with fellow YouTubers, game developers, streamers and contributors from all corners of the industry during our live, interactive, weekly podcast (Wednesdays, 7:30p EST; available on your preferred podcasting platform)! Let's Play Sundays (starts at 3:30p/6p EST): Multiplayer streams featuring online/couch co-op and/or competitive versus Fighter Fridays (9p EST): mostly online competitive multiplayer focused, fighter streams sometimes sprinkled with a little beat'em up/hack'n slash brawler for good measure *Smash Fridays (feat. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate) = 1st Friday of the month *Street Fighter Fridays (feat. Street Fighter 6) = 2nd Friday of the month
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Hi, I am Ynnep. I wear frilly dresses, play videogames and drop sick memes.
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Dotemu is a French video game company specializing in bringing back the best video games and legendary pop culture licenses on PC and modern consoles, to create neo-retro experiences carefully crafted for fans around the world. The Dotemu team has published and developed a number of global top-sellers across both PC and console including the award-winning games Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder’s Revenge, Streets of Rage 4, Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap, other great development and publishing work from Dotemu includes Windjammers 1 and 2, Pharaoh: A New Era and more. Dotemu is currently working with Leikir Studio on Metal Slug Tactics with more announcements planned for later 2023 and beyond.
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Welcome to the most underrated channel on youtube, check out the videos and be sure to subscribe!! Home of the great series: Look@ my shoes U call urself a Gamer I Got Game!!! Tell'em Why you MAD SON!!! And the originator of the Exclusives!! Well to start off, one of the main reasons i make these videos is to make people laugh, but most important they make me laugh, i do this for entertainment purposes only, So please refrain from leaving hating and foul comments, thank you in advance :) The best way for me to answer any questions is on twitter so Follow me on It's official... i start trends.
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The official channel of Intellivision Entertainment. The Intellivision Amico is a unique video game system that’s redefining entertainment with family and friends. Amico comes with six premium, pre-loaded games, with additional games ranging from $4.99 - $9.99 at launch. No bad language, graphic violence/blood, or sexual content - every game on Amico is rated E for Everyone or E10+. Gameplay adapts to your skill level. No ads, paid downloadable content, loot boxes, or in-game purchases. Extensive game library ranging from sports & recreation, educational & brain games, party games & retro classics, to your favorite table games — there’s truly something for everyone. Designed for Simplicity - A simple, intuitive design for a new era of entertainment. “At Intellivision, our mission is to use technology to bring family and friends back together by delivering simple, affordable, family-focused entertainment to everyone.” - Tommy Tallarico, Founder / President / Chief Creative Officer
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Used to be Shane, Cameron, and Matt, then Cameron and Shane, then Cameron, then Shane came back, now all of the videos are Shane. An Immature bozo who talks about video game stuff. Don't watch if you are looking for factual information. I make poopoo jokes instead :) New videos when I want to make them.
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Sparklez Squad

Entertainment for Nintendo, Pokémon, gaming and Anime fans/lovers! My name is Jawny, Jawny Sparklez. I make videos, mostly Nintendo related as well as anything else super duper fun. The Sparklez Squad channel consists of AMAZING content such as: Fun amazing videos, Unboxings, PURE JOY, Tastings/Taste Tests and Comedic Music Videos. Welcome to the Sparklez Squad! Want More?: Join the Sparkle Squad server ever here: We are big in Pokémon, Nintendo games and anything related to it! We keep it PG. Want to send me stuff? Currently changing PO BOX Will update on Twitter and Discord! Spotify/Apple Music/etc: Need DMCA free music for your stream or videos? Use songs from my band Cowboy Meets Pirate! *Let me know if you do :)* CONTACT: Personal Insta: Instgram: old name: The PokeDudes
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Wood & Erek

Watch the show broadcast LIVE on Twitch - Wood's Channel - Erek's Music -
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Lets collect and review video games! I review everything from Nintendo Switch, Sega Genesis, to the old NES days. Subscribe and lets revisit the golden days of retro gaming! Follow me on Instagram at
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i just make stupid stuff lol
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Chronik Spartan Gaming

A perspective of the world of gaming past, current and future... Game news, reviews, game collecting, trailers and behind the scenes making of videos for Chronik Spartan Games. Modern Gaming News for Nintendo Switch Playstation 4 Playstation 5 Xbox One Xbox Two Retro Game Collecting for PS1 PS2 Playstation 3 Sega Mega Drive \ Genesis Sega Dreamcast Super Nintendo SNES N64 Nintendo GameCube Nintendo Wii Xbox Xbox 360 Portable Handheld Consoles Original DMG Gameboy Gameboy Color Gameboy Advance Gameboy Advance SP Gameboy Micro Nintendo DS Nintendo 3DS PSP PSVita Retro Game Collecting Tips Games Room Setup Game Development covering GameMaker Studio - GLO Unity - Gym Empire Credit to for music
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Jerebear is the name gaming is what we do here! the hype kind.
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Bryce Jamison Wells, or BryceJW for short. is a American youtuber, from the state of south carolina. He was born with a disability, chromosome 11 partially deleted; a mental illness; a devopmental delay, a learning disability and depression anxiety and ocd, he also has ibs, ptsd, dehydration easily, a low blood sugar. his content consists of live streams of the video game geometry dash, where he tries to complete really hard levels! he is a very welcoming and kind cotent creator, who loves everybody! he is well known in the geometry dash and nintnendo comunity! his communty, the anime armada, is like a family where they treat each other like a family and show love, respect and help each other out with questions or just chat amongst each other and are welcoming you dont even have to like anime! like the anime fairy tail, the anime armada is like a family even tho their not related. anyone trying to harrass, bully or harm anyone in the anime armada is not welcome in the channel!
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Those Gamer Guys

We are Those Gamer Guys! Who? Those Gamer Guys! Which Gamer Guys? No, Those Gamer Guys! We play games and then talk while we play them. Then we record ourselves talking and playing the games so that other people can listen to us talk while we play the games! If you like talking and games then Those Gamer Guys are for you!
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