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AleXa • ZB Label

◾ [ ZB LABEL ARTIST – AleXa ] ◾ The daughter of a Korean adoptee, AleXa, also known to fans as Alex Christine, was born and raised in Tulsa, Oklahoma. A lifelong dancer, AleXa competed in “Rising Legends,” where nearly 1 million fan votes determined her the winner. Shortly after being signed to ZB Label, she beat out thousands of contestant hopefuls and was one of the 96 chosen to participate in Mnet’s “PRODUCE 48,” the most competitive audition show in Korea. In 2019, AleXa made her multilingual K-pop debut with “Bomb,” which hit #7 on Billboard’s “World Digital Song Sales” chart. ⇢ YouTube // AleXa • ZB Label⁣⠀ ⇢ Twitter // @Alexa_zb⁣ ⇢ Instagram // @Alexa_zbofficial ⇢ Tik Tok // @Alexa_zbofficial ⁣⠀ ◾ [ CONTACT US ] ◾ Business Inquires: ⇢ PR / Media / Collaborations: ⇢
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A Korean-American adoptee actor/filmmaker creating travel videos about culture, language, and curiosities.
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I post #lifestyle, #travel, #beauty, #family, #productreview, #fitness, #cooking, do it yourself, #parenting, and many more awkward videos. I am: An Ex-teen mom A Wife A Mother An Adoptee A Beauty Junkee A Runner A Yogi An Endometriosis fighter An Egg donor And a Survivor In no particular order. *"To be nobody but yourself in a world that's doing its best to make you somebody else, is to fight the hardest battle you are ever going to fight. Never stop fighting."* ~ E.E. Cummings *All information, and video are the property of ItsJustKelli , and should not be used anywhere else before permission has been approved. All thoughts and comments are just that and ItsJustKelli will not be held liable for actions of others. If you need advice about a serious problem, please contact a health care provider.*
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Rants & makeup reviews, beauty tutorials & tattoos. I make videos about my life, relationships & everything I like! Makeup for monolids is my specialty! Product reviews & sharing my current favorites is what I'm best at! Lover of everything Hello Kitty & Tokidoki! 33 - Korean Adoptee - Phoenix, AZ
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Welcome! I'm Jen - making videos about our 🌴 Florida lifestyle - vlogs, food, personal finance, consumer product reviews. 💗 KDRAMAS + KBEAUTY 💜 BTS ARMY 💜 My husband and I are striving for early financial independence through living below our means, real estate, YouTube, and other investments. Subscribe for adventures in the Tampa Bay area and beyond! *Please ONLY email with business inquiries / opportunities - I cannot assist you with other matters* DISCLAIMER: This information is for educational and entertainment purposes only. Jen does not assume any liability or responsibility for how one perceives or comprehends any information, process or product that originates from this website or from any of the materials presented by Jen. We do not assume any liability or responsibility for the accuracy of any information, process or product featured. *This channel contains affiliate links for several different programs. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.
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Spotify: Korean Adoptee Doc: Booking | Press | Questions? Follow me on twitter/instagram @DANakaDAN NEW MUSIC COMING FEB 2022 DANakaDAN is an indie rap artist based in Los Angeles, CA. He produces music / lyrics that chronicle his experience with self-identity, addiction, life, and love. This has included two albums, “Stuntman” & "Escape from LA" with a new set of works due in early 2022. Dan is a Korean Adoptee and has also produced two documentary series detailing his very personal journey meeting his biological family, including an identical twin brother he never knew about (who also raps). He’s been featured on Huffington Post, NPR, the BBC, DramaFever, and Hulu. DAN is also a partner & lead creative producer at International Secret Agents - a boutique agency that focuses on creative projects & commercials with an AAPI tilt.
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Global Overseas Adoptees' Link

G.O.A.'L (Global Overseas Adoptees' Link) is the only adoptee-run organization in Korea that holds NPO/NGO status and is officially recognized by the Korean government and other authorities. As an organization, we offer many different types of services to adoptees, including translation and interpretation, help finding birth families, and assistance when applying for F-4 visas and Dual Citizenship. For more information please visit our website :
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Daniel Lee Gray aka Seouleats, Delawheresdan

Daniel Lee Gray is a Korean adoptee that returned to his motherland back in 2005. He is a video producer, tour operator and serial entrepreneur. He runs the popular food blog Seoul Eats which is all about Korean food and culture. He unofficially started the food tour and cooking class trend in Korea via his various companies he founded and sold. He also owns two restaurants in Korea, Brew 3.14 Craft Beer and Pizza and Brew 3.15, Korean Fried Chicken and Craft beer. These days Daniel works mainly as a video producer, fixer and talent. He has appeared on Anthony Bourdain, Vice's Munchies, the Kimchi Chronicles, Bizarre Foods, Rudy Maxa's World, Euronews, and more. When he is not busy, he likes to cook and play with his family.
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Sianna Officiel

De son enfance au Mali, où elle quitte son foyer natal quelques mois après sa naissance pour être adoptée, à 6000 kilomètres de là, par une famille beauvaisienne, jusqu'au statut de principale prétendante au rôle de nouvelle Reine du rap-game, la destinée de Sianna a tout d'un conte de Disney. Mais pour elle, nul besoin d'un Prince Charmant : c'est son premier album, Diamant Noir, qui l'installera définitivement sur le trône. A l'aise sur tous les terrains, Sianna signe un album varié, aussi porteur que sophistiqué, maintenant un équilibre idéal entre la force des textes, la puissance des flows, les émotions transmises, et l'ambition populaire des mélodies. Une faculté à rassembler les auditeurs de tous types, de tous genres, et de tous milieux sociaux, qui rappelle inévitablement les débuts d'une autre Reine du rap-Game : Diams.
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Found 김우석

안녕하세요! 김우석입니다! 저는 한국에서 미국으로 입양되어서 자란 재미교포예요! 먹는 것과 여행하는 것 춤추는 걸 좋아해요! 제가 한국에서 생활하면서 겪는 일상이 궁금하시다면 구독과 좋아요 부탁드려요! 응원 해주셔서 정말 감사합니다! :) Hi! I'm a Korean American adoptee living in South Korea who loves to eat, explore, and dance! Stay tuned for more of life in Korea! Thank you for your support! :) IG / 인스타 : @futurefound FB / 페이스북 : Email / 이메일 :
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Earthseed Detroit

Earthseed Detroit: A Way Of Life #EarthseedDetroit is about reconnecting cultural history around plant-based medicine and wild foods, learning to survive in troubled times, excavating, recentering and honoring our ancestors history, learning a sense of adventure and to be respectful and comfortable when in nature. It is about #CommunityHealth and #empowerment. It is knowing what is best for ourselves and choosing to nourish our bodies, our minds, and our souls. Earthseed Detroit is a healthy lifestyle educator and curator focusing on the areas of food, herbalism, and media. The goal of Earthseed Detroit is to challenge existing narratives around health, well-being, medicine, and food and create opportunities for community members to reimagine solutions through community based workshops and on-line supportive content.
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Beauty & Seoul

Curating K-Beauty for UK. Founded by Maree, a K-Beauty obsessed adoptee discovering everything about her motherland, South Korea ❤️🇰🇷 Founder of Beauty & Seoul - the UK's leading online store curating Korean skincare. As a Korean adoptee, discovering K-Beauty enabled me to establish a connection to my motherland, South Korea. Our mission is to build a community sharing our love for all things K-Beauty and encourage everyone to find a moment of selfcare in their skincare ritual. This channel is all about my exploring my culture further. Maree x
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Cheon-Shik Yang 천식 양

“Aggressively Korean” Korean Adoptee 🇰🇷, Traditional Korean Hanbok Tailor- Maker, Daily Traditional and Modern Hanbok Wearer, Collector of All Things Historical and Traditional Korean.....Reclaiming my culture, traditions, language and history in the pursuit of a truer identity as a Korean American Adoptee IG: @Yang_Cheon_Shik
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The Investor - TV

The Investor est la première solution française d'investissement dans les cryptomonnaies, pour les particuliers. Depuis 2017, plus de 3758 personnes l'ont adoptée. L'objectif de The Investor est de vous montrer comment devenir Investisseur Rentier et vivre de vos rentes, pour avoir le choix de travailler... ou non ! Son Fondateur, Alessandro Lambert, est lui-même devenu rentier à l'âge de seulement 22 ans grâce aux stratégies qu'il partage à ses membres, avec l'aide de l'un des meilleurs experts francophones de l'investissement à Haut Rendement. Cette chaine Youtube existe pour 3 raisons : vous inspirer, vous aider à vivre financièrement plus libre, et vous montrer qu'une autre voie est possible !
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جذور لدعم الإحتضان

إذا كانت التربه صالحة تنشأ الجذور صحية وقوية قادرة على مواجهة تقلبات الحياة ومنها استمديت اسم القناة على أمل المساهمة في خلق الوعي لدى الأسر الحاضنة لمراعاة أبنائهم المحتضنين و اعدادهم لمواجهة مجتمعهم وخلق لديهم القدرة على تغييره نحو الأفضل بفضل من رب كريم. السلام عليكم ورحمة الله أنا زينة بدر بن عيسى، أم حاضنة من الكويت مستمتعه بأمومتها و عائلتها التي أساسها الشفافية و الإنفتاح بكل ما يخص الإحتضان. أؤمن بأن أبناؤنا أبناء الحياة كما قال جبران و أرى مدى تأثير الجينات في أبنائي. أنشأت هذه القناة على يوتيوب لنشر ثقافة "الإحتضان بوعي" في العالم العربي كافة. أهلا وسهلا بكم حسابنا على انستجرام : @roots.kuw اشترك معنا ليصلك كل جديد دائما عبر مجموعة واتس آب " أنشطة مؤسسة جذور "
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Lauren & Sissy

My cat Sissy has taken over this channel. She's an adoptee, blind in one eye, but is the softest and sweetest cat I've ever known. The shelter named her Sissy, which I thought was an appropriate name given how skittish she can be, so I kept it. Sis is about 7 years old and is not a particular breed, though strongly resembles a Siberian cat. These videos are not monetized, so I'm sorry if YouTube shoves in a giant ad, but it can't be helped.
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Faye Stand

Faye Stand c’est un peu mon atelier et j’y partage tout ce que je veux au grès de mes lubies du moment. Principalement sur l’alimentation keto que j'ai adoptée mais aussi la beauté, DIY, couture, lectures… Pourquoi vouloir une étiquette quand on peut en avoir plein ? Suivez-moi sur instagram également @fayestand Et sur le site
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Through Eternity Tours

Over 20 Years of Inspiring Travel Through Eternity tours was born from one overriding conviction: there is no more life-affirming experience in the world than travel. But we also know that making the most of the opportunities travel can offer isn’t always easy. After taking one disappointing tour too many, Connecticut native and Rome adoptee Rob Allyn was convinced that there was room for improvement, and resolved to make it his mission to offer visitors to Italy a richer, more satisfying experience than anything else out there. And so one fateful day in 1999, Through Eternity came into being. 20 years later, and we’re still going strong! Drawing on the experience of the past two decades, Through Eternity has become a world leader in culturally engaged travel to Italy, and we’re proud of our tours. The company provides tours and excursions in Rome, Florence, Pompeii, Naples, Siena, Tivoli and San Gimignano. All Through Eternity's back-office staff are native English speakers.
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