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Annoying Orange

FAN MAIL: 80 W. Sierra Madre Blvd. #431 Sierra Madre, CA 91024 I'm an orange. You're an apple!!! We do video and film production! PLEASE NO MCN REQUESTS. I AM NOT INTERESTED. I am only interested in MOTORBOAT! BRBBBRBRBRBRBRBRBRRBBRBRBRRRRRR!!!
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Annoying Orange Gaming

FAN MAIL: 80 W. Sierra Madre Blvd. #431 Sierra Madre, CA 91024 Thanks to Midget Apple who graciously allowed us to convert his channel into THE place for Annoying Orange gaming. New videos EVERY DAY. WOOO!!! Don't be an apple. SUBSCRIBE!!! BUSINESS ENQUIRIES: Please NO MCN requests. We are not interested.
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Paramount Pictures

The official YouTube channel for Paramount Pictures! Transformers: Rise of the Beasts premieres June 9, only in theatres.
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80's Box

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  • 55 videos
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Reviviendo los 80's

En este canal encontraras las mejores canciones que se dieron en los años 80's y una que otra de los 60's, 70's y 90's. Bienvenido.
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80's Disco Hits

🔥 🔥 🔥 Watch more videos with music of the 80s on the new website of the festival "Disco of the 80s". Click ❤️ Do you like 80's music? Do the songs of Modern Talking, C. C. Catch, Sandra and other legends of that time take you back to your youth? 📀 Welcome to the official channel of the international music festival Autoradio "Disco of the 80's". The music show has been held annually since 2002 in Russia, as well as in some other countries. On our channel you will find recordings of Internet broadcasts, TV versions, individual performances of stars of the 80's at the "Disco of the 80's". Subscribe! ✅ 🇷🇺 Interested in Russian music? Also check out the exclusive live concert channel at Autoradio studios
  • 745K subscribers,
  • 822 videos
Last Updated2 months ago


The world's premier motorsports racing simulation, iRacing puts you in the driver's seat by allowing members to experience today's newest form of competitive motorsport: simracing. Get behind the wheel of over 80 vehicles and drive on over 80 virtual tracks with the most realistic simulation software on the market! Visit our homepage:
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  • 1.9K videos
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Giáng Ngọc Productions

Trung tâm sản xuất và phát hành băng nhạc & video Giáng Ngọc .Lê Bá Chư là cháu ruột của đạo diễn Lê Hoàng Hoa, xuất thân trong một gia đình văn nghệ, mấy anh chị em ai cũng biết đàn biết hát. Sau 75, tại hải ngoại, anh là một trong những người đầu tiên tổ chức những chương trình dạ vũ thu hút giới trẻ những năm 1979, 80. Nhờ sự hưởng ứng nồng nhiệt từ những show đầu, Lê Bá Chư nhanh chóng tổ chức thêm nhiều dạ vũ khác. Nguyễn Cao Kỳ Duyên vào những năm 79, 80 cũng là một trong những model của các chương trình này. Vào năm 1979, anh hợp tác với nhà thơ Nguyên Sa Trần Bích Lan làm tờ báo Đời và tuần báo Dân Chúng trong vai trò Tổng thư ký. Sau đó anh cộng tác với Nguyên Sa ra những cuốn băng nhạc cassette đầu tiên là Áo Lụa Hà Đông, Trăng Sáng Vườn Chè... rồi cuối cùng là thành lập Trung Tâm Giáng Ngọc vào khoảng 1981, 82. ► Vui lòng không đăng tải lại dưới bất kì hình thức nào #nhacxua #bolero #nhacvang #nhạchảingoại #nhacvanghaingoai
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Power Studios

I Make Minecraft Videos 🔥 ╔═╦╗╔╦╗╔═╦═╦╦╦╦╗╔═╗ ║╚╣║║║╚╣╚╣╔╣╔╣║╚╣═╣ ╠╗║╚╝║║╠╗║╚╣║║║║║═╣ ╚═╩══╩═╩═╩═╩╝╚╩═╩═╝ ---------------------------------------------------------------- 📈 Sub Milestones! 📈 1 sub ✔️ [Jun 30 2021] 10 subs ✔️ 20 subs ✔️ 30 subs ✔️ 40 subs ✔️ 50 subs ✔️ [Aug 8 2021] 60 subs ✔️ 70 subs ✔️ 80 subs ✔️ 90 subs ✔️ 100 subs ✔️ [Aug 11 2021] 1,000 subs ✔️ [Feb 24 2022] 10,000 subs ✔️ [May 15 2022] 100,000 subs ✔️ [Jun 8 2022] 250,000 subs ✔️ [Jul 10 2022] 500,000 subs ✔️ [Oct 2 2022] 1,000,000 subs 🔒 (Impossible) 10,000,000 subs 🔒 (why am i even writing this lmao) 100,000,000 (umm who wrote this lol) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [subscribe for a cookie ◉‿◉]
  • 610K subscribers,
  • 108 videos
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Soviet Guitar

★ FAQ Q: How long have you been playing guitar? A: Since the summer of 2017 Q: Which guitars do you use? A: Baton Rouge AR11C and Yamaha F310 Q: What strings do you use? A: D'Addario 12-53 (80/20 Bronze) and sometimes Elixir 12-53 (80/20 Bronze) This section will be regularly updated based on your questions in the comments!
  • 237K subscribers,
  • 42 videos
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Carmen Q Gollihar

Come get your nostalgia! Watch the 1st ever social media 80’s Soap Opera Drama Series…Small Town Drama. Original characters and content only. Business email:
  • 487K subscribers,
  • 274 videos
Last Updated8 days ago


RHINO is the official YouTube channel of the greatest music catalog in the world. Founded in 1978, Rhino is the world's leading pop culture label specializing in classic rock, soul, and 80's and 90's alternative. The vast Rhino catalog of more than 5,000 albums, videos, and hit songs features material by artists such as Van Halen, Duran Duran, Aretha Franklin, Ray Charles, The Doors, Chicago, Black Sabbath, John Coltrane, Yes, Alice Cooper, Linda Ronstadt, The Ramones, The Monkees, Carly Simon, Curtis Mayfield, and Roberta Flack, among many others. Check back for classic music videos, live performances, hand-curated playlists, the Rhino Podcast, and more!
  • 6M subscribers,
  • 1.6K videos
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The Epic Rap Battles of History is a comedy series created by Nice Peter & epicLLOYD. Over 10+ years we have created over 80 rap battles featuring both historical and fictional characters which have amassed over 3.5 billion views on YouTube.
  • 14.9M subscribers,
  • 86 videos
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Slow Rock Songs 80's

  • 136K subscribers,
  • 945 videos
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The Official YouTube Chanel of Slick Rick aka The Ruler. As one of the premier voices to emerge from 80’s and 90’s hip-hop culture, rapper Slick Rick has been influential from the moment he stepped in front of a microphone.
  • 260K subscribers,
  • 38 videos
Last Updated4 months ago

Paramount Movies

Welcome to the Official Paramount Movies YouTube Channel! Here we’ll be celebrating Paramount Pictures’ iconic films and new releases. We’ll take you deeper into your favorite movies, such as Titanic, Top Gun, A Quiet Place, Transformers, TMNT, Sonic the Hedgehog, Star Trek, Forrest Gump and many more. You’ll get a first look at exclusives, behind-the-scenes, and deleted scenes you won’t find anywhere else. Revisit classic Mean Girls one-liners, be on the edge of your seat watching Mission: Impossible action compilations, or yell at your screen again when Rose lets go of Jack’s hand (whyyyyy!). Subscribe to join the Paramount movie club 🍿
  • 1.1M subscribers,
  • 861 videos
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DJ Paul S

I was a Connecticut DJ back in the mid to late 80's and early 90's when Freestyle music was at its peak. I started playing in local bars and then famous night clubs. I hope you enjoy these mixes as they remind me back in the day how life was so simple and fun, hanging out with friends, and enjoying the sounds of Freestyle music! Long live FREESTYLE MUSIC! Please subscribe and share your story. Enjoy, DJ Paul S
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Músicas Românticas

Músicas Românticas Internacionais Anos 70 80 90❤ Músicas Antigas Românticas Internacionais Anos 80❤
  • 214K subscribers,
  • 555 videos
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PSN - Agholor Twitter - @AghoIor Twitch - Agholor Instagram - @kennyrata tik tok - agholorgg 10,000 SUBSCRIBERS - 4/6/17 20,000 SUBSCRIBERS - 5/26/17 30,000 SUBSCRIBERS - 7/6/17 40,000 SUBSCRIBERS - 8/6/17 50,000 SUBSCRIBERS - 8/23/17 60,000 SUBSCRIBERS - 10/27/17 70,000 SUBSCRIBERS - 12/31/17 80,000 SUBSCRIBERS - 3/31/18 90,000 SUBSCRIBERS - 5/3/18 100,000 SUBSCRIBERS - 5/15/18 200,000 SUBSCRIBERS 4/25/19
  • 211K subscribers,
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