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Obey Alliance

Leading Esports & Gaming Entertainment Organization EST. 2012
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Thank You For SUBSCRIBING. I reached 200 SUBs on 9/30/2011 Thank You for the support. 500! SUBS 1/20/2012 1000! SUBS 3/31/2012 1500! SUBS 4/23/2012 2000! SUBS 6/6/2012 2500! SUBS 7/10/2012 3000! SUBS 8/17/2012 3500! SUBS 10/4/2012 4000! SUBS 12/4/2012 4500! SUBS 1/12/2013 5000! SUBS 2/25/2013 5500! SUBS 4/2/2013 6000! SUBS 5/15/2013 6500! SUBS 6/2/2013 7000! SUBS 6/11/2013 8000! SUBS 6/29/2013 9000! SUBS 7/10/2013 9500! SUBS 7/15/2013 10,000! SUBS 7/21/2013 10,500! SUBS 7/24/2013 11,000! SUBS 7/28/2013 12,000! SUBS 8/4/2013 13,000! SUBS 8/11/2013 14,000! SUBS 8/17/2013 15,000! SUBS 8/23/2013 16,000! SUBS 8/30/2013 17,000! SUBS 9/6/2013 19,000! SUBS 9/28/2013 20,000! SUBS 10/9/2013 23,000! SUBS 11/3/2013 24,000! SUBS 11/9/2013 25,000! SUBS 11/18/2013 30,000! SUBS 12/13/2013 40,000! SUBS 1/26/2014 100,000! SUBS 9/23/2014 200,000! SUBS 7/1/2015 250,000! SUBS 12/18/2015 300,000! SUBS 4/11/2016
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✨🎨 Cuteness, crafts, keyboards and polymer clay 🌿🐇 For business inquiries only: CoolRiceBunnies AT gmail DOT com ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ FAQs! Name?: Lily or CoolRiceBunnies (CRB for short) Age?: 27 years old. My birthday is on October 22nd! I started working with polymer clay in June of 2012 ^-^ ♥ First upload ever on: June 30, 2012
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Stream, Record, Create. Empowering content creators since 2012. Visit for tech support.
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Leoni Torres

MI DISCOGRAFÍA 2007 - Bajo la piel 2011 - Latiendo 2012 - Salseando 2018 - Amor bonito Volumen 1 2019 - Amor bonito Volumen 2 2021 - Alma cubana 2022 - Canten
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Karina Garcia

Hey everyone! My name is Karina Garcia! I made this account in 2012 but started making videos on Feb 11, 2015! I love sharing DIY videos, reviews, and a little bit of makeup tutorials here and there! I'm goofy and very comfortable in front of the camera. I love engaging with you guys! Thank you for being with me in this super fun journey! I'm also the founder of Craft City! BUSINESS INQUIRIES:
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Tyler "Ninja" Blevins is a professional Battle Royale Player and Streamer. He currently is playing Fortnite, Valorant, and Warzone *Accomplishments* - 1st Place Fortnite Celebrity Pro-Am Tournament E3 2018 - 1st Place PUBG Squads Gamescom Invitational 2017 - 2nd Place H1Z1 5s Dreamhack 2017 - 1st Place H1Z1 Invitational 2015 - 1st Place Halo 4 Dallas 2012 - 1st Place AGL 8 Knoxville He is known for his goofy energetic personality and his incredible impressions. Be sure to check out the official #TeamNinja brand:
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Ananta Jalil

"Official Channel" Ananta Jalil is an Industrialist and Commercially Important Person (C.I.P) of Bangladesh and Ananta Jalil is known to all his Audiences and Fans as AJ. Started the film career in 2008. Establish an International Film Production and distribution company named “MONSOON FILMS”. Released movies are 1. KHOJ – THE SEARCH : (Released on 2010) 2. HRIDOY BHANGA DHEO : (Released on 2011) 3. THE SPEED : (Released on 2012) 4. MOST WELCOME : (Released on 2012) 5. NISHWARTHO BHALOBASHA – What is Love : (Released on 2013) 6. MOST WELCOME – 2 : (Released on 2014)
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KTRK muzyka

МУЗЫКА — главный музыкальный телеканал в Кыргызстане, который начал свое вещание с 1 октября 2012 года, и в этот период в его эфире можно увидеть самые модные клипы кыргызских и зарубежных исполнителей, хит-парад и много интересных программ.
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Chilling Tales for Dark Nights

Founded 2012. Your home for the highest-quality audio horror entertainment on YouTube, featuring a wide variety of tales professionally voice acted and set to music and SFX. See more at
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Nate Hill

27 Years Old Professional Gamer for FaZe Clan. International model since 2012. I sing, play Fortnite and do all kinds of stuff. Here's some videos to prove it. Follow me on Twitch: @natehill and Instagram: @natehilltv Twitter: @natehilltv
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Scooby Snacc

random content Scooby Dooby Snacc!
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Los Tucanes de Tijuana, ganadores de el Grammy Latino 2012 como mejor disco Norteño del año "365 Dias" Es el grupo de música latina más importante en el Genero Norteño. Es El Grupo que le cambio el Rumbo a la Musica Norteña. "Los Papas de Los Pollitos" Una nueva forma de expresión. Musica del pueblo y para el pueblo. Únicos... Auténticos... Sin Comparación... estos son los logros más sobresalientes de Los Tucanes de Tijuana: Es el único grupo Mexicano al que se han dedicado portadas principales de Los Angeles Times, San Diego Tribune, News Week, U.S. Week, People, New York Times y Diario Reforma de la Republica Mexicana. Para mas informacion visiten:
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FaZe Kitty

Content Creator for FaZeClan I enjoy sniping across many games, but COD is mainly what I play. Joined ObeyAlliance on 2-27-2012 (day 1) Joined SoaRSniping on 6-10-2014 Joined FaZeClan on 7-19-2014 My Channel & Twitter:
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Anna Kurkurina

Anna Kurkurina Anna Ivanovna Kurkurina (born 25 August, 1966, Kramatorsk, Ukraine) - Ukrainian athlete and coach, the absolute world champion in powerlifting in 2008, 2010 and 2012, winner of 15 world records. More than 17 years of coaching. Give professional master classes and seminars for сoaches. Анна Куркурина Анна Ивановна Куркурина (род. 25 августа 1966, Краматорск, Украина) — украинская спортсменка и тренер, абсолютная чемпионка мира по пауэрлифтингу 2008, 2010 и 2012 годов, обладательница 15 мировых рекордов. Более 17 лет ведет тренерскую деятельность. Проводит профессиональные мастер-классы и семинары для тренеров. Выпустила ряд компакт-дисков с комплексом тренировок «Сделай себя сам!». Кто хочет стать партнером ютуба - всем сюда: По вопросам рекламы смотрите почту ниже ↓
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Abby Lakew

Welcome to the official Abby Lakew Ethiopian Music YouTube channel. Abby Lakew, is an African Grammy Award nominated singer songwriter and actress from Ethiopia and she was born in Gonder, Ethiopia. In 2007 she released her debut studio album ''Manale''. Which featured both English, amharic songs, Ethiopian traditional and dance music and was a reflection of her two identities – Ethiopian and American. In 2012 she released a new single Shikorina followed by Endemewadeh, 2014 Abererew, 2015 the smash hit Yene Habesha and 2016 Befikir Eskista. In 2012 she landed the leading role in a critically acclaimed Ethiopian movie called Eyerus. In September 2017 she released her second studio album ''Yene Habesha''. In September 2020 she released a new single Messay. In May 2022 she released her new single Gondere Wa.
  • 312K subscribers,
  • 19 videos
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Clacket Media - كلاكيت ميديا

Clacket Media Productions Youtube Channel This channel is owned and operated by WatanNetwork, All published content is exclusively owned on Youtube, by WatanNetwork. Any Brand/Logos/Identity not belonging to WatanNetwork is used only for marketing purposes مؤسسة كلاكيت للإعلام والإنتاج الفني والتوزيع هي مؤسسة وليدة نتجت عن رؤية خاصة في عالم الإعلام والإنتاج الفني لتكون رافداً لهذه الصناعة في سورية والعالم العربي, ومن أنتاج مؤسسة كلاكيت. مسلسل الإخوة 2014 مسلسل سنعود بعد قليل 2013 مسلسل الولادة من الخاصرة 3 (منبر الموتى) 2013 مسلسل ولادة من الخاصرة 2 (ساعات الجمر) 2012 مسلسل أرواح عارية 2012 مسلسل بنات العيلة 2012 مسلسل حياة مالحة 2011 مسلسل ولادة من الخاصرة 2011 Managed by : WatanNetwork @WatanNetwork
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The official YouTube channel for David Crowder featuring official music videos, live videos, lyric videos, behind the scenes, and much more. A Texas-based singer/songwriter known for his wide-ranging fusion of pop, rock, folk, electronic, bluegrass, and hip-hop, David Crowder rose to success in the early 2000s as the leader of the church music group The David Crowder Band. Over the next decade, the band racked up numerous Dove Awards for their inspirational rock sound, releasing popular albums like Illuminate (2003), Remedy (2007), and Give Us Rest (2012). Rebranding in 2012, simply as Crowder, the singer launched an equally successful, though more stylistically varied, solo career with albums like 2014’s Neon Steeple, 2016’s American Prodigal, and 2018’s I Know A Ghost. New Album 'Milk & Honey' coming 6/11/21. Pre-Order Now:
  • 511K subscribers,
  • 157 videos
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El Bebeto

Es en el 2010 graba su disco de banda sinaloense, siendo esta su primera producción discográfica titulada “QUIERO QUE SEAS TÚ”, un disco que contiene rudos corridos para todos los seguidores y románticas letras para todas las mujeres. Este salió al mercado bajo el sello de UNIVERSAL MUSIC. Durante el 2011, de este álbum se cortaron como sencillos promocionales los temas “Eres mi necesidad”, “Quiero que seas tú” y “Te perdono todo”. Después de la exitosa colaboración, que realizó con 3BALLMTY en el tema “Inténtalo”; EL BEBETO presentó en el 2012 su segundo material discográfico titulado “ESE SOY YO”. Este álbum fue producido bajo la batuta de Luciano Luna y estuvo conformado por cumbias, rancheras y baladas, la mayoría temas inéditos de reconocidos compositores como Adrián Pieragostino, América Sierra, Horacio Palencia, por mencionar otros.
  • 1.7M subscribers,
  • 286 videos
Last Updated4 days ago

Grupo Niche

This is the official YOU TUBE channel for Grupo Niche and its creator Mr. Jairo Varela. You will find original videos for most of the music released by the group, along behind the camera videos, convert videos, studio videos, and exclusive interviews. Grupo Niche is a salsa group founded in 1980 in Cali, Colombia. Currently based in Cali, Colombia, it enjoys great popularity throughout Latin America. It was founded by Jairo Varela and Alexis Lozano. Varela remained with the group until his death in 2012, becoming producer, director, songwriter, vocalist and guiro player. Alexis Lozano, trumbone player and arranger later left to form Orquesta Guayacán. It also included Nicolas Cristancho, on the piano; Francisco Garcia, on the bass; Luis Pacheco, on the congas; as well as vocalists Jorge Bazán and Hector Viveros. Although we lost the founder and main composer Mr. Jairo Varela in 2012, the music of the group is still alive and the group has not ceased to tour throughout the world.
  • 910K subscribers,
  • 324 videos
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