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News 19 WLTX

  • 138K subscribers,
  • 12K videos
Last Updateda day ago

Kowardan 19

Channel animasi pendek untuk mengisi kegabutan kalian, enjoy videonya, semoga mood lu balik hehe
  • 630K subscribers,
  • 216 videos
Last Updateda day ago

Comic Book Girl 19

Must like Beyonce leaving Destiny's Child, DanikaXIX has broken away from The Comicbookgirl19 Show to found their solo venture, XIX Academy, a live-streaming school on Twitch; teaching classes, hosting book clubs, and continuing to offer their unique perspective and give in-depth reviews on movies, comics, shows, etc. that are archived here on YT. Since YouTube sucks as a platform for independent creators, all content on this channel has been demonetized. You will never be harassed by commercials and third party ads. Support for this channel now comes from viewers like you via Patreon, Twitch, and from merch sales. Past episodes of The Comic Book Girl 19 Show are still here, where CBG19, Robot, and Space Brain have humorous in-depth discussions about about movies, comics, and pop culture. Current XIX Academy Content Produced, Directed, and Edited by Danika XIX All Episodes of the Comicbookgirl19 Show: Produced and Hosted by Danika XIX Directed and Edited by Tyson Wheeler
  • 493K subscribers,
  • 454 videos
Last Updated7 days ago


En este canal hablamos de filosofía. Si te gusta el contenido del canal puedes apoyarme en PATREON ►
  • 243K subscribers,
  • 117 videos
Super Chat$136
Last Updateda month ago

Ben Azelart

Hey guys! I’m an 19 year old who loves making videos for the internet. I post every Sunday so make sure to come back then! Love u!! BIZ - INSTAGRAM - @benazelart TWITTER - @benazelart SNAPCHAT - @TheBenAzelart
  • 7.6M subscribers,
  • 188 videos
Super Chat$225
Last Updateda day ago

Saria Raine

Hey guys, my name is Saria. Pronounced (suh-ree-uh)! This channel is going to have a variety of different things, VLOGS, Beauty, Hair, ETC! Stick around to get to know me. ENJOY! Joined-2017 Posted- 2018 first video- July 31 100 subs - 8/1/18 500 subs - 8/3/18 1,000 subs - 8/4/18 5,000 subs - 8/8/18 10,000 subs - 10/??/18 15,000 subs - 12/23/18 20,000 subs - 12/??/18 30,000 subs - 5/??/19 40,000 subs - 6/7/19 50,000 subs - 7/19/19 60,000 subs - 8/9/19 80,000 SUBS - 12/16/19 100,000 subs - 12/22/19 200,000 subs- 02/07/2021
  • 242K subscribers,
  • 224 videos
Last Updated10 days ago

Bu Dyah 19

Tiktok : dyaahh19 Instagram : aura.dyaahh Cuman punya akun Youtube ini .. selebihnya FAKEE
  • 301K subscribers,
  • 78 videos
Last Updateda day ago

IsAac 19

Hola que tal¡¡ soy IsaAc , un chico que le gusta jugar varios juego en Android, como Free Fire , Minecraft , entre otros, pero bueno solo si te gusta lo que hago suscribete , para mas . Gracias por formar parte de este canal.✔ por cierto activar la campanita.👉🛎
  • 1M subscribers,
  • 682 videos
Last Updated2 days ago

Good Morning America

Every weekday 7 a.m. - 9 a.m. Good Morning America brings you the latest breaking news, expert analysis, helpful advice for everyday living, recipes from the best chefs in the country and live performances from the best musicians on television.
  • 3.4M subscribers,
  • 12K videos
Last Updateda day ago

Bruce Springsteen

Bruce Springsteen's official YouTube channel. From "Sundown" and "Hello Sunshine" from his latest album WESTERN STARS, you'll find all of his greatest hits here. See the new film #WesternStars at special Fathom Events fan screenings on October 19 & 23.
  • 1.4M subscribers,
  • 706 videos
Last Updated3 months ago


Remember To Subscribe to my channel! 100 Subs- 8/23/12 1500 Subs - 1/13/14 20,100 Subs 2/15/16 52,000 Subs 8/5/16 100,000 Subs 6/26/17 200,000 Subs 1/17/19 300,000 Subs 3/8/19 400,000 Subs 6/7/19 500,000 Subs 12/21/20 Partnership- 1/9/13
  • 514K subscribers,
  • 3.2K videos
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| 19 | Goal - Is To Put Smile On Your Face!😁 CLRUTQ
  • 1M subscribers,
  • 466 videos
Super Chat$726
Last Updated5 days ago


Just a guy that enjoys beverages and FIFA 19 Ultimate team!
  • 1M subscribers,
  • 3K videos
Last Updated2 days ago

Latenci - Fortnite

19 Years Old - Fortnite Content Creator and Pro
  • 869K subscribers,
  • 136 videos
Super Chat$139
Last Updated4 months ago

Arya Balakrishnan_Studio19

Be Happy n stay Healthy with me...
  • 526K subscribers,
  • 168 videos
Last Updated2 days ago


19 year old kid having fun (: subscribe YO! new video every 3 days
  • 349K subscribers,
  • 135 videos
Last Updated15 days ago


My name is Anthony Po, i'm 19, and I make videos on myspace
  • 1.3M subscribers,
  • 66 videos
Super Chat$14
Last Updated9 hours ago

The Shuckmeister

Bachelor of Science in Memeology for JoJo + Konosuba. Part-time VTuber, Part-time Stop Motion Animator. Videos edited in Adobe Premiere Elements 19. Thumbnails created in Adobe Photoshop Elements 19. Audio recorded using Audacity. Streams using OBS, Elgato, 3tene.
  • 240K subscribers,
  • 291 videos
Super Chat$150
Last Updated5 days ago

Hailie Deegan

19 year old girl living the NASCAR crazy lifestyle. Subscribe to follow along the journey!
  • 281K subscribers,
  • 64 videos
Last Updateda day ago

PluG KiinG

PluG KiinG All things are possible wit da grace of God🕊 Wouldn’t B Where I Am Without The Man Above ( 🔛🔝🔜 ) Litt-est Channel ona Tube I came I long way buh I ain’t as far as I’m finna be💫 Philippians 4:13 ( I can do all things through god who gives me strength ) 🙇🏽‍♂️ Click the link below ⬇️ Accomplishments: 100k Views: 9/26/19 500k Views: 2/24/20 1,000,000 Million Views: 3/2/20 2,000,000 Million Views: 3/6/20 5,000,000 Million Views: 3/19/20 10,000,000 Million Views: 5/14/20 25,000,000 Million Views: 3/23/21 100 Subscribers: 12/07/18 500 Subscribers: 1/21/19 1,000 Subscribers: 7/23/19 5,000 Subscribers: 2/19/20 10,000 Subscribers: 3/1/20 25,000 Subscribers: 3/6/20 50,000 Subscribers: 3/15/20 100,000 Subscribers: 5/12/20
  • 218K subscribers,
  • 142 videos
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