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Gurmat Bibek YouTube channel has been started with the noble objective of spreading the pristine teachings of Sikhi along with Sikh philosophy, Khalsa Rehit (code of conduct), Sikh history and contemporary issues faced by Sikhs living in the modern era. We believe that Gurmat (teachings of Sikh Gurus) is evergreen and is as relevant today as it was 500 years ago and will always stay relevant because spirituality does not get affected by time. In today’s world where materialism is rampant and Sikhs are increasingly compromising their Sikhi, we have entered the arena of Sikhi Parchaar (preaching) with the message of not yielding Sikhi principles for the sake of materialistic benefits, pecuniary gains, or other worldly considerations. Guru Sahibaan are all knowing and when they prescribed Gurmat teachings for us, they knew about future years and still asked us to strictly follow Gurmat; therefore we ought to follow Gurmat fully irrespective of whether worldly conditions are favourable.Gurmat Bibek
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