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Make confidence your best make-up! It is our desire and dream to inspire women to celebrate wellness and feel happy in their own skin. We welcome you on this great journey. Susana: "Since my childhood I wanted to work on TV and I decided to study journalism to follow my passion and have been working on TV ever since. I have always loved working out as well as it helped me to feel more energetic and comfortable in my own skin." So we decided to take on a new challenge and started another YouTube adventure. After the success of our channel in Spanish:, reaching more than 2.5M happy subscribers to date, we now also launched this wellness channel in English. We hope that we can inspire each one of you and we invite you to workout with me Susana Yábar. Every Wednesday we do upload a new video for you to watch and workout to. Thank you, Co-creators ❤ Stanley Sarpong & Susana Yábar For questions, please contact our support team at contact@funfitt.comFunfitt with Susana Yábar
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