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Hi, my name is Joshiiwuh, welcome to my channel!!! I make random impressions videos, parodies, skits, and lots more!! I also post new videos every other Friday (And sometimes surprise videos in between) My hobbies include voice acting, making vids that make you say "WTH did I just watch?", sleeping, breathing, eating pineapples, girls (giglegigle, hehe), being awkard, and having a short attention sp so yeah....welcome to my channel...this one...yeah...whatever...bleh OH and if anyone needs any help with voices overs for videos they are making, I"d love to help!!! So just send me a message with your email address thingy!!! Pee Ess eye neighmed mie chan uhl joshiiwuh bee cuz mye lil sista callz mee joshy annd eye lyk joshua moar thenn josh......joshiiwuh
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