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hi armys! I'm SugArmyy ,just a girl who loves the bangtan boys ! nice to meet you :) I post videos about BTS! - compilation videos (moments) - stage analysis (fan favorite!) - song edits (sometimes) I post every Thursday and Saturday/Sunday. (JST) 少しずつ、日本語の序幕もつけていきますのでよろしくお願いします! 日本語字幕付きの動画は、「日本語字幕」と言うプレイリストからご視聴ください。 Please DO NOT repost any of my videos, anywhere! I work hard on them, and it's sad to see them reposted :( ↪︎Please give proper credits (Mention my name, Link to my video, channel) when reacting to my videos!! my backup account: sugarmyy backup Follow my Yoongi fan account on INSTAGRAM : atotheutothegtothestd Follow me on twitter!: sugarmyy FAQ↓ Q. What do you use to edit your videos? - App called VLLO Q. What are the songs used in your intro/outro? - Intro: FairyTale , Outro & comment shoutout part: Walk with (both comes in the editing app) Q. Can I get a shoutout? - Comment shoutouts are chosen randomly, I don’t give shoutouts when asked! SugArmyy
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