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Hello! My name is Will Miss It, a Norwegian combat 3 Player Moderator who started Runescape back in 2004 and videomaking in 2010. Together with an incredible team, we have for the past decade actively created comedic and informative entertainment for thousands of Runescape players, and we're still going strong! With our aim to create high-quality comedy and informative content, we have the honor of winning SEVEN Golden Gnome Awards, being... * Best YouTube Channel (2013) * Best Video Series (Stuff Players Say, 2014) * Most Original Content (Thrones of Gielinor, 2015) * Best RS3 Video Maker (2015 & 2016) * Runescape Video of the Year (The Completionist Heist, 2018. The RuneScape Historical Timeline, 2019). Thank you for the support, and thanks for watching! Recording: Streamlabs OBS Editing: Sony Vegas 18 Edit Sound editing: Audacity Banner artist: Hyper Stanrswillmissit
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