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Welcome to FX GOAT FOREX TRADING ACADEMY One of the leading forex education , online course & signal providers world-wide Our strategy is known as the NEW MARKET STRATEGY, the approach we use is more of a positional trading and understanding probability, we both swing and scalp. It is a good method of achieving high profit with low risk.  We mentor and coach through our course worth of $250. You gain lifetime access to our platform, as an FX GOAT mentee you’ll also be added to our VIP Support group for further assistance from us and other professional traders. Our course is very comprehensive and informative as you’ll know how the market works and how to identify opportunities in the market to enter trades. Problem with classes is that it’s only once or three times access. Whereas our online course is lifetime access, your able to continue reflecting back. Forex Trading is a skill that once you learn..you are set off for life It won’t be an easy road but that’s why we’re hereFX GOAT
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