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Hi and Bula!! Welcome to my Channel "ReggaeManda". I'm Tukss Weah from Fiji. I'm passionate about music and especially reggae. I will be uploading my own remixes and video editings of songs from DJs, Producers, Music Bands, Artists from Fiji and the Pacific Islands mostly, if they want me to. For artists or other people who wish to promote their music or video clips, send me your projects to this e-mail address: "" so that I could remix it and post it on my YouTube channel! Also you can contact me on my Facebook Page: @Tukss Weah. Make sure you follow my page for updates and surprises. Check me out on: Sound Cloud: Instagram: @Tukss Weah "Thank you and Vinaka" FOR YOUR SUPPORT.ReggaeManda by Tukss Weah
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