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Uploads of fun is a family of 4 originally from Cleveland, OH. Josh (dad), Rachel (mom), and their two boys, Jackson (12) and Calvin (10), have one goal - to show the world kindness through laughter. Launched in 2019, the channel started as a way for Josh to connect with his boys. But after the first video, Josh knew it could develop into something great. Videos started with popular challenges and games, but the boys’ natural bent toward comedy led the channel to quickly expand in some new directions. Rachmaninoff & Jerry, Little Bob Ross, What Marco Says, and Bangs & Booms are just a few examples of the 100% original content UOF is creating together. Because of his background in creative services, Josh has been able to give the channel a unique look and feel that’s reflective of their personalities. Their tagline - fun is a language we all speak - comes directly from their desire to build a community for all people through laughter.Uploads of Fun
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