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Hi Everybody, Nowadays We are observing that lot of DISEASES/HEALTH ISSUES are coming from the food that we are consuming everyday. Earlier our ancestors were leading a happy and healthier life and the FOOD HABITS of those people were so good that even at ^60-70 years age they were able to read newspaper without spectacles, no tooth ache, no digestion problem, no joint pain, no diabetes, no BP, looked younger then their actual age, no ageing problem and the list go on. All these days we have seen that if the food is healthier then it will be difficult to prepare, no taste or sometimes boring to eat.However there is a massive amount of foods out there that are both healthy and tasty. So in this my channel "HEALTHY VILLAGE FOOD" am trying to UPLOAD videos related to food that are easy to prepare, yummy taste and good for health which are still CONSUMED in many places.HEALTHY VILLAGE FOOD
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