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The one and only cooking cat, That Little Puff is finally on Youtube! The idea of "That Little Puff" started with us at home cooking during the pandemic, and our cats (we have 7 fluffy doll cats) were curious about what we were up to. So we thought maybe our cats wanted to learn how to cook as well. We then took a video with them "being" the chef cooking for us. It made a huge hit on the internet and it certainly kept us in doing these videos ever since. Of course, cats can't cook (at least in our universe LOL ). We just have some much fun spending time with them. Many have asked how these videos are made and if any cats were forced to do so. Our answer is that our cats and us were having fun and playing the whole time, all it takes is just patience. We hoped that these videos can bring you joy during this tough time. As always, enjoy!That Little Puff
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