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Welcome to A JOURNEY TO PURITY 'creatively providing spaces for women & girls to authentically share their stories' Join me on this journey as we hear from God, release prophetic words and discuss matters of love, faith, purity, and so much more ❤ A JOURNEY TO PURITY is an ode to all women and girls. It's a movement dedicated to standing in solidarity with every female, whether she is crawling, walking, running, or flying. We promise to walk in love and honesty with her, as she shares her journey to purity. The world has sold us a narrative that our bodies are instruments of sensuality, rather than instruments created for the glory of God. A Journey To Purity is an attempt to change and challenge that narrative, where instead of seeing our bodies as sexual objects, we need to see them in their entirety, as instruments of worship to God. It challenges us to take a closer look at our bodies and see them as true temples of the Holy Spirit, as Paul says in 1 Corinthians 6:19-20. A Journey to Purity with Oboitshepo Tladi
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