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This channel is full of Informative & Entertainment from rural NEPAL, these all videos (we uploaded in this channel ) are not dramatize and fake , these all are real .We created this channel to show real lifestyle of Nepali rural village sites , we capture videos of all the people & castes from Nepali rural village and Himalayan sites , you can see rural cultural activities, religions, ritualistic activities, festivals , rear unseen village foods, everything from Nepali rural village sides of all religions & castes of Nepali rural village Himalayan People , All about Rural life of Nepal . If you like our channel please subscribe it and join with us to know everything of Nepali village lifestyle .We are visiting all over the village sites of Nepal - East to West , North to South of Nepal. PLEASE JOIN WITH US ( Rural Nepal Quest ) THANK YOU πŸ‘‰ If you want to watch short videos about Rural Nepal, we have next Youtube channel '' RURAL NEPAL Quest shorts '' please visit once, Thank You.RURAL NEPAL Quest
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