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Hey there, My name is Lisa! Welcome to my channel where I love sharing my longtime passion for all things makeup, clothes, and skin care! I upload videos every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday to keep you inspired and up to date with my latest “beauty/style adventures” throughout the week! My videos included OOTD, tutorials, reviews, and most importantly my FRIDAY HAUL. *Friday Haul: This is where I share everything purchased throughout the week, a great starting place for you weekend shopping trip* Through this channel I hope to inspire women of all ages to look and feel their best. I want to use my appreciation and expertise to inspire the way you look and feel! I want your confidence gained to translate to every part of your life, and most of all ...for you to look amazing while doing it! Twitter: @LisaLisaD1 Instagram: @lisalisad1LisaLisaD1
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