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Welcome to the simplest, and the most real channel on Youtube. I'm Tony Gaskins. I'm a happy husband and father first. As for youtube, I don't do custom thumbnails. I don't do intros and outros, except for the vids shot by professionals. Most of my videos are shot with an iPhone and on the fly. I shoot my videos in one take, without prep, so please forgive me if I say something confusing. Outside of Youtube, I have 11 companies and that breaks down to over 50 streams of income. I live a busy lifestyle with weekly travel in some seasons. I'm also a life coach, for NBA and NCAA teams, so I mentor pro and college athletes on healthy life decisions. You may see me on TV from time to time as I'm also a celebrity life coach to artists, entertainers, and TV personalities. Youtube is fun for me, and it's the place I post my random lessons. I'm not a Youtuber, but I enjoy sharing messages with the world that I feel can help. Suggest some topics in the comments.Tony Gaskins
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