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We unite the best of heroes around the Marvel global and across all dimensions. Subscribe to become a hero and join our movement. Old cranky villains no need to apply, we only seek the best of heroes in this adventure. We try to cover every notable hero video game in this adventure whether we know them or don't. Some times there can be errors or mistakes but that's part of the adventure. If you are from that hero dimension, you can always fill in the gap! FAQ: ►How do I become a hero? ►►►Heroes are supportive. They do what others cannot. Subscribe to the channel and our social media like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram! ►How can I support your videos? ►►►https://www.patreon.com/wbangca 100,000 Subscribers - August 23, 2015 - Park Hike + $300 - Giveaway on Twitter. Business Inquiries: Please include the name of the channel. Thank you.wbangca
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