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Ashton Bingham & Art Kulik are Los Angeles based Entrepreneurs, Producers, and Social Media Creators. Upon discovering their passion for creating online content, Ashton and Art founded Trilogy Media Inc in 2016 and are YouTube's favorite scam-busting duo with their channel garnering over 50 million views. Trilogy Media Inc's main purpose is to alert the public about scams in society, offer awareness with their comedic videos that shed light on detrimental scammers. In 2016, Ashton and Art took on the IRS Robocall Scammers, the relentless scammers that would call pretending to be the IRS to obtain personal information from vulnerable people. Their video went viral garnering millions of views within the first 24 hours. Trilogy Media's mission is to entertain the masses, spread positivity, and always continue to raise awareness of the sick, vile, and heartbreaking scams that plague our world. EMAIL πŸ‘‰ TEXT US πŸ‘‰ (310) 356-3982 Trilogy Media
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  • Subscribers
  • 776,000
  • 1,000 / d
  • Views
  • 57,447,379
  • 38,247 / d
  • Super Chat
  • $987,998
  • -
  • Videos
  • 1,205
  • 4 Per Week

Subscribers Rank

Upward trend

Avg. Video Views

VERY LOW, 6.6% of subscribers

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Total Live Streams

884 Times
4 times a week

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Last 7 Days Revenue

266 Chats
$18 / Chat

Total Revenue

79,687 Chats
$12 / Chat

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