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First independent international automotive YouTube channel that brought You; ● full in-depth car reviews, ● natural POV day & night test drives, ● headlights test in dark, ● real-world consumption tests, ● honest pros and cons and more! All in 4K, to show You all the details and functionalists when buying a brand new cars! Started as a hobby when Dug Demuro had few videos on his channel, ended up as a professional full-time job. I, myself live in Croatia, the car market is small, taxes big. With no press background or connections in the local car industry, took me a long time and hard work to get some rep and build this channel to +50K subscribers. So if You like the content & want to support my work. SUBSCRIBE and turn ON the bell, share my videos with your friends and car forums. We all dislike ads but they finance the videos I make, so turn your AdBlock OFF. Thanks! Follow my Instagram stories and stay up to date with the new content I make! 😎 🎥 iPhone 12 Pro & GoPro 9. Josip Ricov
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