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WELCOME This Channel features a range of clips including Radio Talk Shows whose content would otherwise have not been able to be re-listened to. Most of these talk shows are weekly and more less feature the same guests hosted by the same show hosts. These are shows that discuss Topical Issues and are aired mostly in Luganda. Subscribe to Our Channel so that you don't have to miss your favorite Talk Show. This is the only place that you can find Full Length Talk Shows (No Segmentation). These Talk Shows are recorded using Future Technologies and we also have Video Lectures which you can find under the relevant Playlists for easy location. You can also enjoy #VirtualTourism across #Uganda on Our Sister Channel @hopeconsults ( Thank You ALL for SUBSCRIBING and Watching. ⚠️ NOTICE ⚠️ Any complaints on the content uploaded on this channel should be brought to the attention of the Admins before opting for a Copyright Strike. Thank You 🙏🙏.Benon Fred TWINAMASIKO
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