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Shalom guys, I’m Piper Rockelle I’m a girl living my dream in Hollywood. On this channel we believe in entertainment, quality, family, fun, love, and good vibes. Here you can find me doing crazy challenges. Boyfriend challenges, crush challenges, 24 hour challenges, last to challenges, and more. Also I do DIYs, tutorials, make up, instagram videos. Normally I’m with an awesome friend, or crush, or boyfriend in my videos. Along with all this my videos are great for boys and girls of all ages, even adults! I hope I am able to make you laugh or cheer up if you’re having a bad day. DON’T forget to follow my Instagram @ PiperRockelle , there you can find more about me and my other passions in music and dance. You may have seen Piper Rockelle - Treat Myself (Official Music Video) **FIRST KISS** 💋 I LOST MY MEMORY PRANK ON MY BOYFRIEND **Gone Too Far**🤕💔 Last to Stop KISSING BOYFRIEND Wins $10,000 **COUPLES Challenge**💋 Instagram - PiperRockelle Twitter - PiperRockellePiper Rockelle
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