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Our channel is all about Agriculture,Documentary Videos and Missions.This is operated by a Born Again Christian family that is why a lot of Holy Bible verses inside our videos as part of our mission here on earth. We believe that all human are created naked and we cannot bring anything when we leave this planet that is the very reason why we live in the virtue of selflessness ,we are sharing all technologies that we know and experiences to public as part of our legacy for the next generation.The word (SGC) means Selfless God's Creation TV. Part of the monitization of this channel are being used for the mission specifically for educational assistance for IP Pastor's Kid's and church projects so please don't skip our adds.We created also our facebook page in order to reach out more people and we named it same with this channel Facebook Page Name: Bro.Eric Tenorio SGC TV and if you have time to visit it please do click the like button thank you very much.Bro. Eric Tenorio SGC TV
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