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The Biggest YouTube Swing Dance Couple! Hey Guys! We are Sondre and Tanya - a professional swing dance couple. Our partnership started in 2015. Since then we had been competing, teaching and performing boogie woogie all around Europe and outside of it. With great joy we used to travel to spread the love for swing dancing in general and boogie woogie in particular. We also started our own dance event called Boogie Feet's Festival in Dombås, Norway for inspiring and bringing up swing dancers from many different countries. After the Great Change, as we call it, we have grown an online community to share our passion for dancing via modern means of communication Our credentials of 2016-2021: World Champions: 2017, 2019 Vice World Champions 2018, 2021 European Champions 2018, 2019 Nordic Champions 2017, 2018 Norwegian Champions 2017, 2018, 2019 Two times SAP Final World Cup winners 10 World Cup wins all over the world The biggest YouTube Swing Dance Couple 2021 - Silver Button Holders Sondre & Tanya
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