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Double uploads every day! Funny gaming montages to let's plays of a variety of games ranging from Apex Legends, Destiny, Overwatch, Call of Duty Modern Warfare, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Star Wars Battlefront, Among Us, Indie Games and so much more! I decided to drop out of college to pursue what I loved doing, this YouTube channel - and thanks to all of your support I've been able to make all of this a reality. Thank you for stopping by and watching what I love to do, if you ever want to support the channel then share it with your friends, that's the best thing anyone could do! My name's Mr. Fruit and you'll learn plenty about me between all of my videos whether they be the let's play, the funny moments, the #AskFruit's, or really anything else! Subscribe if you enjoy the content that you see and hope to see more. Thanks for stopping by! Love, Mr. FruitMr. Fruit
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youtube ranking in United States is 323rd
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youtube ranking in world is 1,428th

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