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Hi Everyone, My name is MangoldProject (well, it's really Assaf), and I'm here to help you become a better piano or keyboard player, and a better musician overall! I've been playing the keys for over 20 years now and I enjoy sharing what I've learned. Getting a deep understanding of the keyboard and of music theory is a long process and I hope these videos will inspire you and maybe give you that extra insight that will help you push your own envelope. All of my lessons now feature an on-screen keyboard, clear labeling, an on-screen score and, of course, my own special take on each topic. I cover both beginning and more advanced topics. My channel is free to watch and I hope it helps you out! If you want to help, please consider paying my sister's online ETSY jewelry store a visit (there's a link down below and in most of my newer videos). She's a talented artist who I'm proud to support: Enjoy!MangoldProject
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