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Hi All, After 8 years of constant and consistent uploading here on my channel and sister blog, I have finally decided to call it a day and hang up my LetzMakeup hat. I am moving onto a different career path in my personal life and going back to my first love, art. I will be finishing my bachelors degree in art history and literature starting later this year and am painting again; and sadly have no time to continue with social media. But to be completely honest, I feel that my social media career has run it's course and reached a natural conclusion. You can still find the occasional beauty post on my instagram (ShivLetzMakeup) and I am posting some art bits on my personal instagram. (Linked in my Letz-insta). Thanks to everyone who came on this LetzMakeup journey with me, I thank you all so much for all the support and love throughput the past 8 years. Best wishes, Shiv. xxSiobhán McDonnell (LetzMakeup)
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