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Assalamu alaikum🌍 Sotter lslam is a YouTube channel that is involved in preaching authentic Islam among our Muslim brothers and sisters. This is a fair Islamic YouTube channel, where only is promoted in the Sahih Qur'an and Hadith. Here is the discussion of Sahih lslam propagator Shaikh, or the Waz Mahfil, collect video then edit then upload here. Most of the time, small videos are uploaded, sometimes full waz Mahfil uploaded. Here the Bengali Waz Mahfil is uploaded. Contact Us: ahforhan01@gmail.com As a human being, we do not claim we're 100% right. So mention our fault if you notice and suggest us your valuable opinion though our Mail address. Thank You All. (JajakAllah) Ashraf Hossain ForhanAH FORHAN
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