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OK Ki Report' is quite famous in Pakistan & India due to its unique name, it is based on Infotainment & is one of the leading YouTube channels which delivers Pakistani, Indian and international news 24x7 in Urdu and Hindi. On this channel you can find not only breaking news and news headlines but also exclusive interviews, series, daily top stories and factual stories. 'OK Ki Report' is Pakistan's best YouTube channel which provides videos in HD quality including news, breaking news, sports updates, Information, entertainment, showbiz, Infotainment & much more. "OK Ki Report" YouTube channel is managed by Infotrendment Media. © Copyright 2018-2019 All Rights Reserved. Voice Over : Maheer Abbasi Contact for your voice over projects at : mahaabbasi101@gmail.com SUBSCRIBE & be a part of us. Kyun ke hr report hai "OK Ki Report" For further queries : okkireport@zoho.com (Response Time : 12hrs) Website : https://www.okkireport.blogspot.comOK Ki Report
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