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This channel is all about Rainbow Six Siege highlights! I spend a lot of time gathering around the *Funniest* and *Most Epic* moments of the game. I spend hours editing the videos to turn them into something suitable for my audience. Want to be featured in the videos? Just send them to this E-mail: ✅✅ The clip(s) which have better quality, have more chances to get featured in the videos. ✅ Please write down one of your *Social Media* Links (Twitter, YouTube, or Twitch and etc...) when you submit your clip(s) to the E-mail PLEASE NOTICE THAT: ❌There should not be any music in the video background ❌There should not be any audio problems such as *Poor Microphone Quality*, *Poor Game Sound* and etc. ❌ You should be the *Owner Of The Clip(s)* If you submit it! ❌ Please avoid sending the clips you *Don't Own*. ❌ Please Don't send one clip multiple times. ❌ Please avoid sending clips that are already edited and always send the raw footage of the game sMj | R6 Moments
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