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Welcome to my channel! My name is Jane and I am so honored to have you here with me. My journey has been a long one. Long and profound. I have personally discovered, through my study of mystic and occulted knowledge, that all the answers we seek can be found within. Tarot and Astrology are two tools I use to help guide me along my moonlit path. Every month I share extensive tarot card readings and astrological discussions to help aid you in our journey as well. I have found Tarot and Astrology to be highly effective in giving insight into our current experiences. Life gets tough sometimes. Sometimes all we need is validation of what our intuition has been saying all along. That is what I'm here to do. I am psychic/medium who is also clairsentient, clairvoyant and clairaudient. I am a Reiki I, II / Holy Fire Certified and have been sharing my path on YouTube since 2015. I wish you well along your journey ❀️Jane International Tarot & Astrology
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