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Abhaya and the Steam Engines though known as a rock band since 2005 when they first released their eponymous debut album, are in fact rather inclined towards non specific genre music. Since the beginning of their journey in 2003 this band has consistently experimented with the vast possibilities of music. From their first hit Sakdina which heralded them as a rock band to their latest release Laijau malai ( in collab with DJ Bidhan &Zanrix and inspired by lofi edm) they have endeavoured to keep their sound fluid and always in motion. Led by Abhaya Subba - their sound remains identifiable through her distinct voice and song compositions and their long standing guitarist Rajiv Rinchen Palzar's arresting guitars even through the many changes of band members through the years. Abhaya and the Steam Engines' current band members are Abhaya - Vocalist, song writer and producer Rajiv Rinchen Palzar - Lead guitarist and Producer Nabin Thapa Magar - Drums Nikesh Karki - Keyboards Abhaya & The Steam Engines
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