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Welcome to "WOA Doll Crafts"! 💕 Have a nice time watching video on our channel, where we show you our love of repainting/ making custom dolls and making handmade DIY crafts and i'm really excited to share them with you guys! . 💕 We love working with Paper Doll, this channel and all of it's videos are "directed to everyone" with in the meaning of Title 16 C.F.R. §312.2, and are not intended for children under 13 years of age.💕 😊😊😊 Thanks for watching and supporting our channel,wait to see more new videos every week on WOA Doll Crafts. ✔️ All audio and visual content in this channel is owned by SCONNECT CO., LTD. ✔️ If you have any question, please contact us by this adress: info@woanetwork.com Our channel: - WOA Doll Crafts - Dolls Beauty - Dolls Beauty Indonesia - Dolls Beauty ES - Dolls Beauty Vietnam Help Us Reach 10.000.000 SubWOA Doll Crafts
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