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VIDEOS AND CLIPS MAINLY RELATED TO SOUTH AFRICAN CRIME AND PURSUITS OF STOLEN OR HIJACKED VEHICLES BY NOJACK VEHICLE TRACKING ANTI-HIJACKING & K( UNIT TOGETHER WITH OTHER VEHICLE RECOVERY AGENTS. SERIOUS CRIMES SUCH AS CIT ROBBERIES, HOME INVATIONS AND OTHER SCHEDULE 1 CRIMES THAT ARE IN PROGRESS ARE RESPONDED TO AS ALLOWED BY THE CRIMINAL PROCEDURE ACT. WE ALSO GIVE ASSISTANCE TO VARIOUS LAW ENFORCEMENT AGENCIES WHEN ASKED TO DO SO. Our actions are in line with the South African Criminal Procedure Act, The PSIRA Act, The National Road Traffic Act and other relevant regulations. Under certain conditions such as displayed in many videos the responding members may seem to contravene certain laws. However when responding to schedule 1 offences there are grounds of justification provided for such acts. Don't comment on things you do not have facts on. Tel: 0114201866 PO Box 14350 Bredell 1623Anton Koen
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