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BVI Channel 1 is fully incorporated, operating as a registered professional media company (Bia Voice International Ltd) in Nigeria. We carryout business of information dispersal via Internet, satellite, Radio and Television services. We also engage in social media Marketing, advertisement, business promotion, image making, Individual, Community/Cooperate documentary and event coverage. BVI Channel 1 is working selflessly to give ordinary people a voice, we are non political and religious. Our contents are void of propaganda, we say it the way it is without any string attached to anyone or group of persons. The Opinion of our guest do not represent the opinion of BVI Channel 1 and as such we are not liable for any opinion of person or group of person as shown on our platform. Thank you for making this inquiry to know about us. If you wish to contact BVI Channel 1 for anything (Advert, Video coverage & Complains and Suggestions ) Please call +2348104545533 or +2348104207522.BVI Channel 1
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