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你们喜欢看看文化不同吗?你们喜欢旅游?喜欢世界各地的美食?你们想了解老外在中国的生活吗?你们对外国文化感兴趣吗?那你们没走错地方了!欢迎订阅我的频道! 我叫阿福Thomas,我是一枚生活在中国上海的德国人。我会在中国,欧洲,德国各地拍各种各样的视频。如果你们喜欢看世界各地美景,美食和人文,那你们肯定会喜欢看我的视频。 我在德国出生,从小我父母就喜欢带我去旅游,我欧洲,美国,澳洲,非洲和亚洲都去过了。认识了我中国老婆以后我就搬到上海了。 现在德国和中国两边跑! 希望你们可以通过我的视频学到新的东西,可以幸福快乐! 工作邮箱 You like to see different cultures? You like traveling? You like food from all over the world? Do you want to understand the life of foreigners in China? Are you interested in foreign cultures? Then you are at the right place! Welcome to subscribe to my channel! My name is Afu Thomas and I am a German living in Shanghai, China. I produce all kinds of videos in China, Europe, and Germany. I was born in Germany and my parents took me travelling since I was a child. I have been to Europe, America, Australia, Africa and Asia. Now I live with my wife in Shanghai. My Instagram Work Email: info@afuchina.netThomas阿福
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